Great, So, No Hard Feelings?

Veronica Mars teams up with Clarence, Logan gets arrested, Keith suffers a loss, and Amelia Delongpre is found (unfortunately) in S02.E06, 'Rat Saw God.'

When Abel Koontz reappears asking Veronica to track down his daughter, she's obliged to team up with Clarence Wiedman in one of John and Sarah's all-time favorite strange-bedfellows pairings -- and what they find isn't pretty. Meanwhile, Lilly's actual killer, Aaron, is back to point fingers at Duncan and try to annoy Keith, and Keith's already plenty annoyed at the results of the election, plus Cliff drank all his booze and he found an actual rat in the wreckage of the bus.

And speaking of wreckage, the PCHers burned down Chateau Echolls, so now Logan's bunkin' with Duncan. Awk-wood! See how our heroes put the "argh!" back in "argyle" in the latest Go Pirates! episode on "Rat Saw God."

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