For That Experience You Paid Fifty Grand?

Veronica Mars gets jury duty, two characters get the boot, and realism and season-long arcs get the shaft in S02.E10, 'One Angry Veronica.'

When Veronica gets jury duty, any resemblance to real life -- or interest in various Season 2 mysteries -- gets shunted to the side in favor of crappy legal plotting, wretched acting (with two exceptions), expedient out-of-character behavior, and shirtless Lamb. ...Okay, it's not ALL bad, but "One Angry Veronica" definitely leads to a couple of angry co-hosts, and only the glorious return of Wallace kept John and Sarah from tying the episode to a cinderblock and throwing it off a bridge.

In other news, the Haaron/Lilly sex tapes get stolen for exactly no good reason; nobody in the writers' room seems to have interacted with the holidays at any time; and Lamb takes his shirt off. ...Right, right, we mentioned that already. Look, we're clinging to anything positive, but it's one of the series' worst eps, so deck the halls with boughs of folly for the latest all-new ep of Go Pirates!.

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