Dancing Up A Storm

Another only-on-TV Sadie Hawkins dance causes trouble for two couples on Veronica Mars, and Weevil blows up Thumper's spot.

Only on TV do this many Sadie Hawkins dances happen -- or cause this much trouble for our teenage heroes, as Wallace struggles with his feelings for two ladies, Mac struggles with Cassidy's lack of R-rated actions with HER, and Logan struggles with liking Gia? Because he's...a monster?

But Logan's on the case as Woody's winning-essay intern, and unearths a creepy stalker video taken inside Woody's house. Keith is detailed to figure out who took it and why, but when Woody "cracks the case," it's clear there's more to the story.

Not to Thumper's story, though. Weevil finagles some help with the real bridge witness from Veronica, then sets his former lieutenant up to take an explosive Fitzpatrick fall. And through it all, John and Sarah are sourcing fashion in the latest Go Pirates! podcast.

Visual Aids

The Visual Aids look a lot sexier in the movies.

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