Altar Egos

Veronica Mars tracks Jane's runaway-bride sister, Beav and Kendall do the real-estate hustle, and Ken Marino wears the hell out of a bowling shirt in S02.E15.

When Jane's sister goes missing days before her wedding to a Richie Rich, Veronica is tasked with tracking her down...and while everyone's kinda casual vis-a-vis the possibility that Heidi came to a bad end, what she does find out about her fye-ance isn't great.

Neither is Sheriff Lamb's reaction when Keith and Veronica decide they have to share their bus-crash intel with local law "enforcement," but in the decidedly-great department, "The Quick & The Wed"'s got priceless Vinnie bowling faces; Hamlin doing Echolls doing Lecter; Lamb getting his smug on; and a so-called "expensive" engagement ring that steals the all-time-hiddy crown from Jackie Taylor's uggo setting on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Will Logan's dating-blackmail scheme work on Dr. G? Why was Terrence Cook shot offscreen? The answers to all these questions and...fewer? In the latest Go Pirates! podcast.

Visual Aids

The Visual Aids are just the first stop in a no-holds-barred bacchanalia.

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