GLOW's Visual Aids Slouch Around And Around AND AROUND The Gym

But we will not submit to that whole ketchup thing.

Listen along with the You GLOW Girl! podcast as we discuss "Slouch. Submit." and marvel, as we did, at just HOW MANY TIMES they tried to make that miscarriage plot happen.

Oooof course Melrose drives a Cadillac limo. Because she's fun! GET IT?

Cherry shares our feelings on Melrose (and all other subjects).

Remember that time we boned?

Cherry remembers.

Remember that time you had that whole "womb goof"?

Kids, ask your parents. This was how we lived. It's called handwriting. And paper. And a book.

Middle-school dances were never this sassy.

This is exactly what it looked like every time Al watched Days on summer vacay, which was against the rules. Don't tell her mom.

Of the many indignities of motherhood, cussing out your baby only to be interrupted by the doorbell is high on the list.

Meanwhile, Cherry is doing the Lord's work.

"I don't know how things work in the music video world, but…"

Hmm. Ketchup to go?

Oh. It's a fake miscarriage that somehow… proves something to someone? Is supposed to make Cherry feel bad? What even?


Universal sentiment re: that idea.

It's good to have friends who are actual wolves.

We're going to recap the ketchup miscarriage that just happened? LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS.

Betty Gilpin has this face perfected.

Pretty certain it's against the law(s of nature) to wear something this high-cut with no tights.

Literally again with this.



When you realize the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

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