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The Downward Spiral

Hannah's life is falling apart again. Is it as Girls-y as it sounds?

Hannah is clearly becoming unmoored. On the romantic front, Adam's wish for some space is turning her into a black hole of need from which Adam is clearly already calculating the required escape velocity. On the professional front, what is supposed to be a follow-up interview with Patti LuPone about bone density turns into a Reader's Digest version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. In Patti LuPone's husband, Hannah sees her future self; a once-aspiring artist who gave up the dream of writing to become the supportive spouse of a Broadway star. Naturally, Hannah's got an easy solution for that problem: go and get her stupid ass fired. All better, right?

Not that Marnie's doing much better. Her job as gallery assistant somehow has her both unfulfilled and out of her depth at the same time, and then Jessa swans in and becomes an artist's new favorite in ten seconds flat. Marnie's open mic performance with Adam's castmate Desi goes well, except for how the backstage flirting that goes on beforehand hits a dead end because of Desi's girlfriend Clementine -- who, somewhat surprisingly, turns out to actually exist. Fortunately, Marnie's got an easy solution for that problem: go and have sex with Ray. All better, right?

And then, at Ray's apartment, Hannah busts Marnie and Ray having sex when she was going to have sex with Adam instead. In short, these Girls are a mess. Sounds pretty Girls-y, no? Well, let's see how the numbers add up.

Girls-y Element Present?
Someone Gets Naked Yep, the episode opens right up with Adam and Hannah boning, and ends with Hannah interrupting Ray and Marnie's boning. Two-fer!
Scene In A Bathroom In Which Someone Is Performing An Actual Bathroom Function Adam soaks in Ray's tub while Ray shaves. Another two-fer! A four-fer?
Jessa Is Shockingly Late And/Or Inappropriate Asked what kind of job she's looking for, she flashes about a mile of thigh and says, "Anything that doesn't market my sexuality." Oh well; at least she's off drugs again, for now.
Shoshanna Flips Out Although she's deeply moved by Marnie's performance with Desi, her only reaction is to make an insensitive comment about how Hannah's the only one not achieving her dream.
What The Eff Is Hannah Wearing? Hannah walks from her apartment to Ray's in the middle of the night wearing what might well be boxer shorts.
Hannah Takes A Backhanded Compliment As A Sincere One Hannah's self-image is in too much decline to take a sincere compliment as a sincere one right now.
Hannah Is Consciously Embarrassed Getting rejected after showing up at Ray's apartment to see Adam is rather a blow.
Hannah Probably Should Be Embarrassed But Isn't But then, if Hannah's going to follow Adam across town with a lame excuse about his need for bananas in the morning, she probably should have stopped for bananas.
Shirtless Adam We're counting naked Adam.
Adam Needs A Safe Word You know what? This is the second episode in a row where he just throws his condom on the floor for Hannah to deal with after he leaves. That's disgusting.
Someone Bitches About Hannah In Her Absence Adam tells Ray, "I just want some space and I'm sick of fucking explaining it." I can imagine.
Commentary On Modern Communications Technology/Techniques Maybe there's just not enough new stuff to say about Twitter and Instagram every week.
Hannah Keeps Talking When She Should Maybe Stop She asks Patti LuPone's husband, "It wasn't like one of those things where there was only room for one artist in the couple and Patti's career started taking off and overshadowing yours and so you decided to like give up your dreams to support her, was it?" Patti LuPone's husband: "It was."
Conversation Interrupted By A "Surprise" Kiss Thought it was going to happen with Marnie and Desi. It didn't.
Shut Up, Ray Ray's filibuster about dumping "a girl" and being single and not compromising is probably not what Hannah wants Adam to hear right now.
Hannah Has No Practical Job Skills Most professional journalists know enough not to bring their gay ex-boyfriends over to Patti LuPone's apartment for a follow-up about bone density medication. At least she was the least drunk person there.
Hannah Blows Up A Current Or Potential Revenue Stream Hannah has a Network-via-Sorkin moment at an advertorial meeting, getting herself fired on purpose.
Hannah Talks About Her Writing Actually, her conniption at her final meeting at GQ is more about her coworkers' writing, which is kind of refreshing, even if it's more about their lack thereof.
Appearance Of One Or More Familiar Guest Actors There was a time when Louise Lasser was a household name because of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman…nothing? Okay, Natalie Morales from the more recent Trophy Wife plays the elusive "Clementine."
Hannah Is A Voice Of A Generation "Am I seriously the only one of us who prides herself on being a truly authentic person?"
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We have the pieces in place for a potentially very Girls-y finale next week.
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