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Let Riley Be My Babysitter

Auggie utters some famous last words, while Topanga and Cory celebrate their anniversary!

Educating Miss Matthews


This episode takes place entirely outside of school (mainly, in the Matthews' apartment and on the train platform), but Cory still manages to sneak in a life lesson with the help of a defenseless (read: unboiled) egg. This might sound stupid, but it's actually one of Cory's better "ideas." He gives Riley give the egg, she names the egg, and then Topanga smashes Amanda McScrambleFace to the ground, all to show the futility of life/importance of taking care of Auggie. For all of the spilled yolk, the lesson itself is pretty tidy. See what happens when Topanga helps out?

Topanga And Cory


Cory and Topanga have been married for 15 years! As Cory explains, that's the longest that anyone has ever been married to a Topanga, so it's a pretty big deal. Despite having the perfect hipster/old man date planned out -- sushi, a play, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and a jazz club -- the two find themselves stranded on the subway platform. Rather than try to catch a cab, they celebrate their weird by acting out a mock proposal with a blue raspberry ring pop, before borrowing a little girl's pony-head on a stick to gallop around. It's perfect, romantic, and super-long overdue. Do you think Cory really wants another kid, or does he just want to get it in?

Callbacks And Easter Eggs


Speaking of old-school, Herbie Hancock makes an appearance on the subway platform! And these two clips are pulled from the archives:

Satirical Style


Topanga's date-night dress is a perfect 10 -- the wows that Riley uses to describe the look are dead-on -- but the shoes could be better (the leopard feels a little tacky). Riley's rose-print babydoll dress is perfectly Betsey Johnson-ish and Auggie's monster slippers are adorable, but points off for the lame Bleh! tee and for Cory not knowing how to tie a tie.

New York Living


Riley and Maya get from the subway to Demolition and back to Riley's in 22 minutes? Eh, it's possible. The subway PA announcer actually responding to Cory is more probable, though.

Cheesy Dialogue Filled With Truth Bombs


"You want to know one of the reasons I married your father? He loves me no matter how I look." - Topanga.

"Excuse me, it's our anniversary and we're weird." - Cory, summing up love in the time of subway duress.

Farkle Time


Cory has Farkle give Topanga her anniversary present on Auggie's fire escape because, sure, why the hell not? It's not like Farkle's dad is his arch-enemy or anything. Cory really needs to work on the whole independence thing.

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