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Girl Goes Back In Time

Riley discovers that Topanga's hair is a lot to live up to, basically.

When your parents are Cory and Topanga, it can sometimes be sort of hard to feel special. Luckily, Riley has Maya to convince her that she's just as unique as her OG crazypants parents.

Educating Miss Matthews


Okay, but really: is there any sort of order to Cory's lesson planning? Because for a history class, it sure isn't progressing chronologically. To follow up Belgium 1831 with Ferdinand Magellan's circumnavigation of the Earth -- which happened more than 300 years prior, in 1521 -- is just lazy. The writers should have at least taken a look at an actual middle school curriculum before deriving their lesson-of-the-week plotting.

Middle School Feels


That look between Lucas and Maya after he restrains her from attacking Farkle is such a tease! The picked-up-and-then-dropped plotting that runs through the seasons is just dumb; yes, the audience is young, but the show should be able to have both a lesson-of-the-week and serialized plotting without it feeling so sloppy or piecemeal. Poor Riley would be a hot mess of emotions (lovesick over Lucas, girl crushed by Maya, intimidated by Topanga, etc.), but it would at least be an accurate portrayal of a millennial middle schooler. Also, what happened to Charlie and/or Zey?! I feel like middle schoolers who study their friend's potential Autism would also follow up on their other friends missing class all the time.

New York Living


No way is Jane Street in the Matthewses' neighborhood. If it were, their apartment would cost several million in RENT a year (at least). Topanga is a good lawyer, but she still has a soul, so there's no way she's making enough to support them in the fanciest, schmanciest part of town.

Callbacks And Easter Eggs


Ooooooh, look at the fancy green screen, inserting Riley and Maya into old clips (including the very same scene Riley's interpretive dancing reminded me of!). Laundry is always more fun when you pretend to dunk the socks into the basket. And what a clever little way for the writers to remind us all that even Cory and Topanga weren't always Cory and Topanga. Riley and Lucas(? Farkle? CHARLIE??) will get there one day, maybe.

Window Seat Revelations


Okay, show. It's cute when you play up callbacks, but retrofitting a clip to put a window seat in the original? Nope, nope, nopity, no, nope. Not cool.

Satirical Style


The Phillies hat is back! It's even appropriately aged to actually look like Cory's worn it to death before finally getting a new one, and passing down the original to Riley. But aside from that sentimental touch, the rest of the outfits are a little bit lacking. The boho look Riley and Maya seem to have suddenly adapted hardcore is cute enough, but it somehow makes their hair flatter? Weird. It's almost as though the clothes knew they can't even hold a candle to Topanga's cream lace dress and Doc Martens from the flashback. It's cool that Farkle's sticking with graphic tees instead of turtlenecks, though.

Cheesy Dialogue Filled With Truth Bombs


"They're Cory and Topanga, and I'm just their reflection living in the shadow of the sun." - Riley

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