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What's The Best Lorelai/Coffee Gilmore Girls Supercut The Internet Has To Offer?

Maybe it's this one; maybe Sarah D. Bunting should buckle down with a swirlaccino and keep looking.

What the hell? I have never watched a frame of Gilmore Girls except for Extra Hot Great Canon purposes, but you run TV sites for long enough, you figure out a couple of things. Like that Lorelai likes her some bean juice.

And that the internet likes it some coffee montages about Lorelai. Here's one that's not too SD and didn't add goofy public-domain music.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? It's probably telling that a "gilmore girls supercut" search string's top dozen results are mostly this subject. Whatever's going on with various #TeamLogan fan vids isn't a Hatfields-and-McCrazy I want to stick my hand in.

Who cares? Even for a non-watcher, as histories of Lauren Graham's turn-of-the-millennium hair go, this isn't bad.


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