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Come Sail Away

...because you do not want to be anywhere near Westeros when Season 5 rolls around.

  • Meeting Time
    Screens: HBO

    Screens: HBO

    If I Were Here To Kill You, Would I Be This Obvious About It? Oh, I Guess I Probably Would

    Who called the meeting? Jon Snow.

    What's it about? Officially? Negotiating a peace agreement with Mance. Unofficially? Well, funny story.

    How'd it go? To his credit, Jon's "I come in peace" poker face holds up quite well for the first few minutes. He even manages to choke down a few sips of Mance's private-label booze, which may or may not contain fermented mammoth urine (hey, there's more than one way to make hooch north of the Wall, you know?). But Lord Snow's true intentions for the meeting show themselves eventually, and Mance questions whether Jon is truly willing to carry out this suicide mission. And it looks like he might not be, but fortunately for both of them, something pretty big happens to change the field of play. To wit...

  • Alert!

    I Am A Very Dull Man, And This Land Of Ice And Snow Seems To Suit Me Perfectly

    Alert Type: Surprise Invasion Alert (!)

    Issue: Just when it looks like Jon and/or Mance is going to die, an army on horseback rides through the camp and starts killing Wildlings by the dozen, until Mance is forced to none other than Stannis Baratheon!

    Mitigating Circumstances: We've already heard from Mance that the Wildling Collective has no interest in conquering, only in staying safe from the White Walkers. And Stannis is one of the only leaders who recognizes the severity of the zombie threat. There might be a genuine alliance to be had here. Might.

    Resolution: Stannis is in control of the Wall and Beyond for now.

    Spoiler: Melisandre is still the one pulling the strings. Will her missionary zeal (pun intended) be enough to persuade the atheist Wildlings to follow Stannis?

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    Qyburn's Qrazy Qollection Of Qurative Qompounds!

    Do you suffer from chronic back pain, fatigue, a terminal poison-spear wound to the abdomen, or psoriasis?

    Well, suffer no more because Qyburn's got you qovered (TM).

    If a Maester has told you that your condition is untreatable, don't believe him! Come see me, and let the healing process begin!

    I've got tinctures, elixirs, poultices, potions, plasters, and pills -- not to mention medical expertise so advanced that it got me arrested. You heard that right: I went to prison because I was just too committed to improving your health. (Also, I was trying to raise the dead. And performing love spells on goats. You know, let's just go ahead and change the subject. I should not have taken truth serum before recording this ad.)

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Grand Maester Pycelle or the Westeros Medical Association. Women should not use these products if they are pregnant or nursing. Please note that Qyburn's Qompounds may have unintended side effects, including but not limited to: dry mouth, runny nose, vomiting, turning into an uncontrollable mutant man-beast, and constipation.

  • Hell No!

    Not Without My Brother

    Cersei visits Tywin in a final attempt to put the kibosh on her forced marriage to Loras Tyrell. For once, her motives aren't selfish; she's got Tommen's welfare at heart, and she knows that if she's not in King's Landing, Margaery and Tywin will be fighting over the boy like he was the last piece of pigeon pie.

    Tywin still doesn't believe that Cersei really has it in her to defy him like this, but she surprises him by expressing her willingness (eagerness, even) to deploy the nuclear option and tell the world who the real father of her children is. Incest: The ultimate trump card!

  • Classifieds


    Chains and collars, suitable for medium-size dragons. Must be fire-proof. Collars should be snug but not constrictive. In fact, it might be okay if they can just slip out of them and continue murdering children and livestock. Well, not okay okay, but like, these are my babies and I love them and don't you understand that? If you want me to acknowledge your feelings, you have to acknowledge mine. Send photos via raven to Danaerys Stormborn Targaryen, Mother of (sniff) Dragons, at One Royal Plaza, Meereen, Essos 91604.

  • Character Study

    Firestarter II: Mystical Bugaloo

    Name: Unknown. We're going with Fire Girl.
    Age: Somewhere between 10 and the age of the universe.
    Occupation: Cave-guarder, occasional undead skeleton fighter, liaison to the Three-Eyed Raven.
    Goal: To get Team Bran inside the cave (minus Jojen, RIP) before those crazy Harryhausen skeletons kill them all -- so Mr. Three-Eyed can start teaching Bran how to fly (which will surely be a relief to Hodor's aching back).
    Sample Dialogue: "Come with me or die with him!"
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Brienne vs. The Hound

    There aren't a lot of Starks left for Arya to reunite with at this point, but the appearance of Brienne of Tarth -- a sworn ally and protector of Catelyn -- has to count for something, right? Shouldn't Arya be totally psyched to meet someone who actually wants to keep her safe, instead of just doing it for the money?

    No? Arya couldn't give two shits about Brienne, even after their touching exchange about female empowerment? Well, fair enough. Let the fight begin.

    2014-06-16-got-fight-01 2014-06-16-got-fight-02 2014-06-16-got-fight-03 2014-06-16-got-fight-04 2014-06-16-got-kill-me 2014-06-16-got-arya 2014-06-16-got-minute 2014-06-16-got-meant 2014-06-16-got-better 2014-06-16-got-darkest 2014-06-16-got-silver 2014-06-16-got-yoink
  • J. Walter Weather­man Lesson

    Let's Make That Murder Charge A Wee Bit More Valid




    That's right, Jaime's here to rescue Tyrion from his impending death sentence. Varys is waiting at the top of the stairs for him; all Tyrion has to do is knock the secret knock and he's home free!


    Or, maybe he'll take a detour.


    Is that Shae in Tywin's bed?


    Well, this can't end well.


    Confirmed: Did not end well.


    Oh, but Tyrion's just getting started.


    Hey now! This is where The Hand does his most profound thinking. Sure, most of that thinking is corrupt and horrible, but still. Maybe let the guy wipe and wash his hands before doing him in?

    2014-06-16-got-tyrion-crossbow 2014-06-16-got-tywin-shot

    Maybe not. Happy Father's Day, Tywin!

    2014-06-16-got-jww-01 2014-06-16-got-jww-02 2014-06-16-got-jww-03 2014-06-16-got-fine-mess
  • Hell Yeah!

    Valar Morghulis, Y'all!

    With the Hound (mostly) dead and having no interest in joining Brienne, Arya decides to book a trip north, in hopes of reuniting with her half-brother Jon Snow. Alas, the only ship she can find isn't heading that way; they're going Braavos.

    Wait a minute!




    Commence your anxious thumb-twiddling until April 2015, everyone!

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