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Everyone Fills Up At A Fuller House Thanksgiving

Full House reunites with Fuller House for the holidays.

Let's get this out of the way. I hate the original Full House for one reason and one reason only: Dave Coulier. That smirk, those stupid voices, and the way he treated Alanis Morissette all come together to make a perfect storm of unwatchability. While Fuller House has an Uncle Joey equivalent in Kimmy, she's nowhere near the deterrent her original male counterpart was. She's a picture of the sun, he's the flaming ball itself. So when he showed up for the Thanksgiving episode (along with the rest of the original cast, sans Olsens) with his wife and four children WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE HIM BUT TINY, I about shut down completely.

I love DJ and I feel that she is the anchor of this show, which so very often drifts off to sea. When she's faced with the thankless task of organizing the family Thanksgiving dinner AND housing all twenty attendees, it's incredible to see her handle it with such grace. Even with Danny Tanner going through a midlife crisis, renting a Ferrari and talking like Bill O'Reilly reading Kendrick Lamar lyrics, she is able to talk him down. (Every time Bob Saget is on screen, he radiates not wanting to be there. There's so much resentment in his eyes and it's uncomfortable to watch, honestly. Just go the way of the Olsens and say no!)

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky spending all of Thanksgiving arguing over whether or not to adopt a baby is groan-inducing. Y'all are functioning adults who understand basic social mores, right? Don't bring your incredibly complicated and life-altering decisions to Thanksgiving. We all know Thanksgiving is about yelling at your dad about politics, then drooling a hole through the couch cushion during a football game. Leave the incredibly complicated matter of adopting a baby at home for one day.

I never want DJ and Matt to break up. Even though things are complicated now that Steve knows that they are dating, the revelation is handled with honesty and maturity. That Steve's new girlfriend is both understanding of the complicated triangle between Steve, Matt, and DJ, but also not antagonistic toward DJ in particular is a modern-day TV miracle. I don't understand how the same show can pull off that delicate balancing act while also stuffing in Uncle Joey and his mighty band of misfits.



The most surprising achievement Fuller House pulled off was the blessing before the Thanksgiving dinner. A family praying on a show is such a rare sight that airing it feels almost subversive. It's not 7th Heaven annoying -- they even manage to sneak a Olsen joke in there -- but it's still a sweet, almost touching moment in a show full of chaos. I'm sad that they weren't praying for a meteor to strike Uncle Joey and salt the earth of his home, but you can't always get what you want.

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