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Reason Netflix dropped the whole season the same day.


Ask Fuller House's Wild-And-Crazy Aunt

She's not like a regular aunt, okay? She's a cool aunt.

Q Dear Wild-and-Crazy Aunt Stephanie,

Don't take this the wrong way, but you seem like you've gotten around. So I'd figure you'd know the answer to this question: how do you get a boy to like you? I mean, we've totally kissed already, but that was just more of a favor so I could get some practice in. But now I really like him! What do I do?

The Teenage Girl Who Lives Upstairs

A Dear Teenage Girl Who Lives Upstairs,

By "upstairs," do you mean "in my brain"? Because I swear, most of the guys I've kissed have been "just for practice." And then I usually find myself liking them after too! Hormones are a weird thing. Anyway, the good news for me is that I can't get knocked up, while the good news for you is that any boy who doesn't already like you isn't worth your liking him. Just put on some Donna Summer, keep on repeating that mantra, and find a new face to practice with ASAP.

Q Dear Wild-and-Crazy Aunt Stephanie,

Stephanie, you're ah-mazing!!!!! How do I become a successful, world-traveling DJ like you?

The /hipstergirl board on Reddit

A Dear /hipstergirl,

Get a part-time seasonal job so that you can pay for a laptop. Then, charm the nerds at the Genius Bar into showing you how to use the djay Pro app (make sure it's the pro version). And voila! Book your trip to Ibiza. Just, you know, remember that fame and paychecks are fleeting.

Q Dear Wild-and-Crazy Aunt Stephanie,

I want to pick up a guy, but I've sort of been out of practice ever since my husband died, and I broke up with both my high school boyfriend and work partner via the same text chain. How do I make sure the guy I'm picking up isn't gay?

Wannabe Wild Sister

A Dear Wannabe Wild Sister,

I'm not exactly lucky in love, but I have picked up a guy or two hundred in my DJ days. Go for the ones that either look down your shirt or up your skirt; they're the safest bet.

Q Dear Wild-and-Crazy Aunt Stephanie,

Does being the middle child ever get any easier? I mean, I see you out there, running the show as my mom's emotional support system, and then you've taken on living with/"parenting" all of these extra kids in the house, and I'm just one kid, already assigned homework to make a difference in the world. How do you do it without going crazy?

Max (I don't have time for aliases)

A Dear Max,

Here's a secret, from middle child to middle child: I'm a mess! Seriously. I'm completely unemployed, dating a dude who lives in the van parked outside our house, and my best friend is my older sister who thinks it's appropriate to bring a soup label as a present to the wedding we're supposed to be crashing. But that's the best part about being the middle child. No one notices us anyway, except for when we do something really, really great. Or really, really stupid, but I always had Joey around. Start training Kimmy to act like Uncle Joey. I'm clearly the Stamos here.

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