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A Match Made In A Fuller House

There's a new Gibbler in town, but this one seems like a keeper.

Fuller House was never going to be anything less than heartwarming cheese, but two episodes into its second season, it's clear that the show at least aims to be shiny, well-done heartwarming cheese with just the slightest (ha) hint of overwhelming nostalgia. That's great…for Netflix, mainly, since it will surely be the must-stream of elder millennials with too much time on their hands over the holidays.

But the overarching problem with late '80s/early '90s wholesomeness is that it's somewhat rooted in a set of strict gender norms. The original subverted this, to an extent, with the three dads concept. But Fuller House, save for the copycat mismatched family setup, seems inclined to play by the old rules, often playing on vaguely queer and gendered dialogue for laughs (ex: Jackson has football "rehearsal"). It feels regressive. That's a problem. And it also leaves me shipping yet another pairing that not only includes a Gibbler, but another female character dependent on her male counterpart for tolerability. Just great.

To level-set, let me assure you that, as a late-'80s baby, I a) regularly watched Full House; b) found Kimmy to be annoying; and c) liked Stephanie least of the three Tanner girls. Since a) is a given and I wrote about b) last season (and am petty enough to note that the writers have actually followed some of my advice about settling Kimmy down), allow me to expand a bit on c). I'll admit a certain bias because we share a name, but Stephanie has always been so over-the-top insecure that her main personality trait is that she's irksome. She's always wanted to be cool, judging others for rudeness while toting around Mr. Bear and following Gia like a wannabe Heather, that it made her impossible to like. She was a blank canvas, desperately painting herself in whatever style she thought you'd like best. So of course she becomes a mildly successful DJ. It's what all the "cool" kids without any real sense of direction do. And of course she performs under her sister's name, because DJ Tanner is still the ultimate cool girl, even with three kids and a dated, corny catchphrase. But Stephanie's insecurities just might be the reason why Jimmy Gibbler is her ideal match.

To start, he's a Gibbler. And while they're a proud, galloping folk, they're not exactly the coolest kids in town. In fact, their main personality trait seems to be thinking that the Tanners are the coolest kids in town. And as for Jimmy himself -- well, he's frigging adorable. His clothes don't exactly match or fit properly (though I'm superficially not complaining about his tight t-shirts) and his mannerisms suggest that he just don't care if other people think he's all that cool; he just wants to be nice and have the people that he likes like him in return. Those character beats alone would make him a fine enough match for Stephanie, if only for the constant validation she'd get. But then they're paired up for game night, and prove to be mentally on the same wavelength, which adds even more points for chemistry. And then they go on a date. To Jimmy's RV. Which is parked right in front of said Fuller House. But then

…then Jimmy goes and all casually reveals a world map, extensively covered in thumbtacks, of all the places he's photographed, in his capacity as a photographer for National Geographic. Which makes Jimmy literally one of the most accomplished characters on a show that also features national morning show hosts, two veterinarians, a well-respected podiatrist, a racecar driver, and a professional baseball player. Also, there are homemade French fries. Can you blame a girl for swooning? No. But I will blame Stephanie for the cheesy "gimme some Jimmy" line. That's just not necessary.

Anyway, the point here is that Jimmy Gibbler just may be the boyfriend that Stephanie Tanner needs, even if he isn't the one she necessarily deserves. For the sake of the show, they should be set up and formally established as a couple as soon as possible, if only so that the show can move on from the "wild Aunt Stephanie" non-starter plotlines that plagued much of Season 1. None of these Tanners/Fullers/Gibblers are going anywhere, so they might as well find happiness with each other sooner than rather the inevitable later. After all, none of us is exactly getting any younger here.

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