Check Out Internet Hatred At Its Finest On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee laughs at, and then feels gross about, internet trolls.

Samantha Bee has a delightful show segment called "Real Or Fake," in which she reads a few comments from the internet and, you guessed it, figures out if they're real or fake. As Jimmy Kimmel often showcases on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and as Leslie Jones exposed last month on Twitter, "fans" can often be extremely harsh, if not just terrible.

For Bee, her trolls are at least creative. For example, one of them compares her to an "unfunny corrupted J.K. Rowling," which Bee points out, is truly an insult to Rowling.

See how many Bee can guess correctly, as you simultaneously worry about the state of humanity.


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