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Watch A Trailer For Starz's Ballet Drama Flesh And Bone

The whole thing looks...ahem...on pointe. (Thank you.) (Sorry.)

As if Starz heard my esteemed colleague Sarah D. Bunting complaining in a recent episode of Extra Hot Great that TV needs more dance dramas, it's released a trailer for its forthcoming dance drama! Six months early!

Flesh And Bone, from Emmy-winning former Breaking Bad producer Moira Walley-Beckett, doesn't premiere until November 8, but apparently the network is serious about marketing it: normally a lead time this long would mean a lame teaser trailer with a couple of feet dancing past a title card or some bullshit, but this is a real trailer with actual content.

It looks fucking great, right? Like a dark Center Stage, complete with Sascha "Charlie" Radetsky! Yay to all of this -- and thank you, Sarah, for willing the trailer into existence this week.

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