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It's Their Party

And Carter will cry if she wants to...but she still won't ask any questions about her kidnapping, and it's driving Sarah bazoo.

A fairly predictable episode, but I liked it. It made a couple of Carter's memories of her mother a little sketchy, and let a couple of seeds of doubt sprout; it took more of a stand on why Lori is written as an unrealistically flawless friend-mom sometimes.

I liked Taylor's story, too. She would ask when Lori was at the store, and figure out that that's why Max was acting weird; I wouldn't, but I buy that she would, and I bought the bit where Gabe came upon her and Max and she waited until then to tell him it's Max she's really into...but she did tell him instead of hiding. Awkward, but not too TV Awkward.

And I like David, but I laughed at Grandma Mrs. Keaton telling Elizabeth, "Thank God you're having an affair, David sucks." Filterless Grandparent can get old fast, but the show knows how to use those two well.

I still said "oh COME on" a few times, though.

  • Poor Grant The crack timing of "best day of my life"/"Can I eat this in my room?" aside: there's being the replacement kid, and there's not seeming to know he's there, and Finding Carter tips too far towards the latter. These people had a child KIDNAPPED. I had my purse stolen out of a bar in 2002 and I have had whatever bag I'm carrying touching me at all times ever since, and that was A BAG. This is a kid! Specifically, it's Grant, who is rad. I don't buy that they're not helicoptering directly over his head all the time, never mind that he can just chill in his closet throughout a whole party and nobody notices but Gabe (and that by mistake).
  • Kyle comes to the party As if. Ditto David weirdly haranguing him to stay for a beer and Kyle giving in. Yeah yeah, they have to get him in the house so Grant can overhear him and Elizabeth talking and move that plot forward, and I can't complain too much about that since I think it's dumb and want it over, but find a different way to do that that isn't dumb, because it's not going to end despite...
  • Elizabeth and David having celebratory "you're a great dad even though you kind of just abetted a fugitive" sex It's one thing if ELIZABETH isn't directly assigned to track Lori down, but it's not okay for them to have the burner phone and use it and not tell the FBI, when the FBI could use that to triangulate Lori's location. Carter DID choose you, just now, and if you think she'll run off again because you get Lori arrested, she now has nowhere to go, so...I don't know. I guess they have to keep Lori on the lam to stretch that story out, but law enforcement's general apathy/ineptitude here is an irritant.
  • "Macy's!" Anna Jacoby-Heron alllllmost sold it, but not quite. At least that dress they both picked out was cute.
  • Carter's continuing lack of interest in the circumstances of her kidnapping She hasn't read David's book; she doesn't ask Taylor what SHE remembers about May 5th; prior to her beginning to suspect that Lori isn't quite the awesome mom she believed, you'd think she'd download as much info as she could to prove them WRONG about Lori somehow. But no, she doesn't want to dwell on how the cops dragged the river and it was sad. Uh, what? You could argue that she's still in denial, but even if Carter doesn't care about the specifics, the audience does, and her disinterest feels like stalling.
  • Crash wants to, um, crash the family reunion So now the bad-boy drug dealer wants to become an instant family with Carter and her mother and hit the road. I'm sure that's totally okay with his probation officer and wouldn't be awkward at all if they're having to live in no-tells with Russian IDs. Shut up, Crash.
  • Half the town is at a party organized in under 12 hours and prepped by...not the twins or Elizabeth Come on.
  • Our heroes don't spike the punch Come on.
  • Still with the baseball-cap disguise, Lori COME ON.

Everyone cross your fingers that Taylor and Max really do Do It next week (safely, of course!) and that the one thing the show kind of does well, which is not teaching its teen protagonists Very Important Lessons about booze 'n' sex, stays quality.

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