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There Are No Holes Balled On Survivor

Idols are found, alliances are formed, and obviously there are a lot of well-handled balls in this week’s installment. 2016.03.02S32.E03

Farrah Keeps Quitting Teen Mom, Which Is Why She'll Be Back Next Season

And other non-revelations from the Maci/Farrah half of the reunion. 2016.03.01S05.E21

The Bachelor Makes Suite, Suite Love To His Remaining Three Ladies

Ben and his three remaining women jet off to Jamaica for some Fantasy Suite time. Let us guide you through what to watch and/or fast-forward! 2016.03.01S20.E09

The Amazing Race Experiences Besos, Pesos, And Tejo

In Cartagena's Old City, sparks fly when racers try a traditional board game, but they spend the rest of the leg riding the bus and shopping for handbags. Yawn. 2016.02.27S28.E03

It's Another Top Chef Restaurant War…Sort Of

Phillip returns, frozen waffles are served, lobsters are torn in two! 2016.02.26S13.E12

The Season 10 Designers Run Through The Face Off Gauntlet

Face Off mixes things up as the return of The Gauntlet takes everyone out of their comfort zones. 2016.02.25S10.E07

Survivor Logs Another Unpredictable Episode

The season’s still trying to find its footing, but unlikely bromances and last-minute Tribal Council flips are helping to keep everyone on their toes. 2016.02.24S32.E02

The Bachelor Heads Hometown!

It's hometown week, in which Ben narrows his field of floozies from four to three based on how awkward their families are! Which stilted parental conversations should you fast-forward over? 2016.02.23S20.E08

The Real Housewives Of Potomac Are On A Boat!

The Real Housewives Of Potomac take to the high seas/the Chesapeake Bay for a yacht party. Plus: Krav Maga, job interviews, and golf. Is any of it worth watching? 2016.02.22S01.E05

The Amazing Race Gets Carted Off To Cartagena

In Colombia, it’s a contest to find out whose epic fail will be the most epic: packing nine tons of beauty supplies in your backpack? Ignoring your clue? Letting your cab go? Or utterly destroying the Spanish language? 2016.02.20S28.E02

Top Chef Travels Through (Hammer) Time

MC Hammer judges the chefs' cooking and rapping, and the chefs draw inspiration from the past. 2016.02.19S13.E11

Face Off Fails To Be Whimsical

When the designers try to combine childlike joy with death, they just end up with dead joy. 2016.02.18S10.E06

It's A New Season Of Survivor! What Could Possibly Kaoh Rong?

A new season of Survivor kicks off with an all-new cast and a recycled tribe-dividing gimmick. 2016.02.17S32.E01

Soooo, How's That Season-Finale Check-In Ep Treating You, Marcus Lemonis?

Looking in on the fortunes of SJC Drums, Amazing Grapes, Shuler's, and Grafton Furniture. 2016.02.16S03.E22

The Bachelor Occupies Warsaw (Indiana)!

The Bachelor heads to the Ben's hometown, the orthopedic capital of the USA, for some boating, basketball, and blubbering. 2016.02.16S20.E07

The Amazing Race Goes Viral

Social media superstars from the world of Vine, YouTube, and Instagram converge on Mexico City to kick off a brand-new gimmick designed to get youngsters to care about this show. 2016.02.13S28.E01

'It Was Sort Of Like Spittle'

The Restaurant Wars on Top Chef finally come to an end. 2016.02.12S13.E10

Face Off Bursts Out

How gross is this episode? There's an entire segment devoted to making homemade slime. 2016.02.11S10.E05

The Bachelor Goes To The Bahamas For Scary Pig Bonding Time

Not a euphemism! There's also boating, and draaaaamaaaaa! That'll do, Hig(gins). 2016.02.09S20.E06

Project Runway: Junior's Last Stop: Fashion Week

The designers are so excited, so scared, and so young that they don't get that reference to Saved By The Bell. 2016.02.05S01.E10