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RuPaul's Drag Race Votes On A Queen of America

And she has a better wig than Donald Trump. 2016.04.18S08.E07

You Say Dubai, The Amazing Race Says Hello

Sleepy sharks and speedy camels await the Amazing Racers in Dubai, where one team totally comes unglued in the desert heat. 2016.04.15S28.E08

The Real Housewives of New York City Test Bras, Dorinda's Patience

The ladies' true feelings for John and his gross behavior finally come out at Dorinda's 'brassiere party.' 2016.04.14S08.E02

In The Season 10 Finale, Face Off Gets Possessed

Possessed by some short films that aren't all that interesting to watch, that is. Zing! 2016.04.14S10.E14

Hell Hath No Fury Like Survivors Scorned

The minority alliance resorts to sabotage to vent their frustrations, a surprising contestant makes a heel turn, and idols get thrown around in new and interesting ways. 2016.04.14S32.E09

RuPaul's Drag Race Opens The Library, Reads The Wizard of Oz

It was written by L(isa) Frank Baum, darling. 2016.04.11S08.E06

The Amazing Race Has Georgia On Its Mind

In Tblisi, teams take a literal stab at making Georgian hazelnut candy, and a figurative stab at some ballet moves. 2016.04.08S28.E07

Face Off Starts Its Demonic Finale

The designers do a lot of work so they can be told it's mostly terrible and will have to be redone next week. 2016.04.07S10.E13

The Real Housewives Of New York City Are Back With More Aimless Lunches Than Ever

Catch up with the old crew and watch Bethenny attempt to survive a conversation with Kristen's heir in inanity, Jules. 2016.04.06S08.E01

I Scheme, You Scheme, We All Scheme On Survivor

Though the Survivors have merged, things still seem divided along tribal lines. Can an ice cream social and a couple of well-timed fishing trips shake things up? 2016.04.06S32.E08

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Says Goodbye To Dubai

The Burj Kahlifa isn't the highest thing in this episode. 2016.04.06S06.E19

On RuPaul's Drag Race, The Snatch Game Is The New Black

But who'd've thought Carson Kressley would steal so much thunder? 2016.04.04S08.E05

The Amazing Race Caravans To Yerevan

For the first time ever, The Amazing Race visits Armenia, but most of the tasks they tackle could probably have been done pretty much anywhere. 2016.04.02S28.E06

The Face Off Season Is Almost Gorn

But there's still time for a vaguely King Kong-themed challenge. 2016.03.31S10.E12

Wounds, Not Tensions, Erupt On Survivor

It's merge time, but the scheming is upstaged by the fact that nearly everyone has some sort of throbbing, pus-filled infection. Presented in thrilling HD! 2016.03.30S32.E07

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Steps Into The Dubai Sun For Some Much-Needed Color

Move over, falcons: Lisa Rinna's the fastest-moving bird on Earth. Episode 17 of RHOBH packs seventeen episodes' worth of content into seventy-five minutes. 2016.03.30S06.E18

Face Off Puts The 'Craft' in 'World Of Warcraft'

Does enthusiasm for World Of Warcraft translate to great makeup work? Maybe, maybe not. 2016.03.24S10.E11

Survivor's Latest Challenge Commemorates March Sadness

A basketball challenge appeals to the resident former NBA player, a dynamic tribal council appeals to strategy wonks, and the rest appeals to pretty much nobody. 2016.03.23S32.E06

When RuPaul's Drag Race Meets Empire, The Cookie Is Extra Sweet

Plus, we get one of history's best lip syncs! 2016.03.21S08.E03