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The Bachelorette Thais Her Wagon To Two Boring Stars!

JoJo brings her dudes to Thailand for zero Thai stuff, but plenty of overnight action. 2016.07.26S12.E09

The Real Housewives Of New York City Are Finally Happy For LuAnn, Whether They Like It Or Not

Everyone keeps their shade to themselves as the ladies bask under the neon lights of the Mohegan Sun and 'celebrate' the Countess's engagement. 2016.07.21S08.E16

The Bachelorette Visited Aaron Rodgers's Hometown, And All She Got Was This Stupid Brother

JoJo is visiting the remaining four guys' hometowns and ranking them by worthiness of their families. Who will prevail? 2016.07.18S12.E08

Bethenny Can't Stop Being A Troll On The Real Housewives Of New York City

Remember when Bethenny used to be a likable everywoman? Neither do I. 2016.07.14S08.E15

The Bachelorette Almost Engages In Sexual Inter-Horse!

JoJo and the men bond with a lovely horse, drink grape-foot juice, and pig out on fries. 2016.07.11S12.E07

No One On The Real Housewives Of New York City Is Happy For LuAnn

The other women are definitely cool to LuAnn. Okay, more like ice-cold. What does a Countess have to do for the bitches in her life to be happy for her? 2016.07.07S08.E14

The Real Housewives of New York City Stuff Their Calzones With Sadness

Old toys, lazy husbands, and more bloody vaginas than you can shake a bottle of Lidocaine at bring out the pathos in a tear-soaked episode. 2016.06.30S08.E13

The Bachelorette Gets Messi In Argentina!

JoJo takes the dudes to Argentina for awkward three-way tango, awkward soccer, and awkward performance art! It's awkward! 2016.06.27S12.E06

Ramona Is Running An Apology Camp On The Real Housewives Of New York City

In a full hour of puppy nuptials and vaginal health problems, Sonja keeps looking better and better. 2016.06.23S08.E12

The Bachelorette Goes Sand-Bo(a)r(d)ing In Uruguay!

JoJo and her men head to Uruguay, where they experience zero aspects of Uruguayan culture! 2016.06.21S12.E05

Teen Mom 2's Kail Almost Breaks Her Neck Trying To Inch Away From Dr. Drew

Meanwhile, Adam almost breaks his contract by trying to bail on the reunion. 2016.06.21S07.E14

Two Real Housewives Of New York City Deal With Cheating Partners In Very Different Ways

One marches blindly forward toward unholy matrimony, while the other takes action in real time. 2016.06.16S08.E11

The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Is All Whimper And No Bang

Unless we're talking about Jenelle and Kieffer maybe hooking up one last time, that is. 2016.06.14S07.E13

The Real Housewives of New York City Like Their Eggs Soft-Boiled, With A Dash Of Crazy

Just when it looks like nothing will top the Berkshires, Sonja ups the rage-fueled ante and introduces the world to the opposite of 'staircase wit.' 2016.06.09S08.E10

The Bachelorette Goes (Foot)balls To The Wall!

JoJo narrows her field of suitors on the basis of football skills, ability to chop wood, and propensity for homicidal violence (looking at you, Chad)! Who will stay and who will go? 2016.06.08S12.E04

Is The Bachelorette Finally Fed Up With Chad's Bad Chaditude?

JoJo puts the men through their paces and loses patience with Chad! But will he go home? Only time will tell! 2016.06.07S12.E03

The Countess Is Public Enemy #1 On The Real Housewives of New York City

During Dorinda's un-birthday weekend, everyone is ready to put LuAnn in her place. 2016.06.02S08.E09

The Bachelorette Is A Literal Dumpster Fire That Refuses To Be Put Out!

JoJo forces her suitors to fight fires and fake-propose. Plus: Chad eats a full cow's worth of meat during one cocktail party! 2016.05.31S12.E02

Everyone Can't Even With Robert On The 60 Days In Reunion

What to watch and what to skip as the participants do a postmortem. (Not literally.) 2016.05.27S01.E13

It's The Drunk Real Housewives Of New York City Leading The Slightly Drunker

LuAnn may be homeless, but that's not going to stop her from rising like a Countess from the ashes. 2016.05.26S08.E08