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A New Top Chef Is Crowned

The Battle of the Bros draws to its (nominally) exciting conclusion! 2016.03.18S13.E15

Face Off Has Its Eye On You

A cyclops challenge raises the question: what does a cyclops use for the winky emoticon? 2016.03.17S10.E10

We're Not Here To Cause Any Trouble, We Just Wanna Do The Survivor Tribe Shuffle

When the tribes get mixed up, everyone tries to adjust accordingly, to varying degrees of success. 2016.03.16S32.E05

Yolanda's Lyme Casts A Shadow Over The Big Apple On RHOBH

The RHOBH devote time to deafness, cancer, Lyme, and abused animals. Should you? 2016.03.16S06.E16

The Bachelor's Torn Between Two Lovers, Feelin' Like A Tool

It's the finale and Ben is pickin' a lady! Should you waste your time? 2016.03.15S20.E11

RuPaul's Drag Race Is Even Gayer Than Pitch Perfect

You wouldn't think that was possible, and then you see the a cappella battle. 2016.03.14S08.E02

The Real Housewives of Potomac Are A Real Drag!

The beach trip continues, featuring drag shows, old-timey photos, and scandal! 2016.03.13S01.E07

The Amazing Race Finds Some Strangers In The Alps

In the French Alps, racers find plenty of snow, an abundance of gorgeous views, and a whole lot of vertigo. 2016.03.12S28.E05

The Magical Top Chef Tour Nears Its End

In the last episode before the finale, the chefs get their pantries in a bunch and put on a magic show! 2016.03.11S13.E14

Face Off Is Your Genie In A Bottle

Some designers have good ideas for supernatural entities. Others do not. 2016.03.10S10.E09

Survivor Wants To Know, 'Can You Dig It?'

A brutal reward challenge has three Survivors barely...well, surviving it. Literally. 2016.03.09S32.E04

Amber Thinks Two Of Matt's Kids Are A Tech Glitch On The Teen Mom Reunion

Meanwhile, everyone has opinions on Catelynn's depression except Catelynn. 2016.03.08S05.E22

The Bachelor's Women (And A Chicken) Tell (And/Or Cluck) All!

The women are back and they're telling all! Which parts are worth your while? 2016.03.08S20.E10

For Its 100th Episode, RuPaul's Drag Race Sprays You With Glory

Forget Season 7! Season 8 is coming through! 2016.03.07S08.E01

The Real Housewives Of Potomac Beach About Everything On Vacation

The women head to Ashley's beach house in Bethany Beach and criticize EVERYTHING. Is any of it worth your time? 2016.03.07S01.E06

After A Swing And A (Swiss) Miss, The Amazing Race Winds Up Riding The Bench

Romance blooms -- or should we say 'trends'? -- for one pair of social media moguls; everyone else has a date with some Swiss army knives and a pop quiz about flags. 2016.03.04S28.E04

They Left Two Chefs…In San Francisco

The final five become three as the chefs make fancy toast, then close down a famous restaurant for good. 2016.03.04S13.E13

Face Off Makes Spooky Witches

If there's one thing a designer should know how to do, it's make something spooky. Right? 2016.03.03S10.E08

There Are No Holes Balled On Survivor

Idols are found, alliances are formed, and obviously there are a lot of well-handled balls in this week’s installment. 2016.03.02S32.E03

Farrah Keeps Quitting Teen Mom, Which Is Why She'll Be Back Next Season

And other non-revelations from the Maci/Farrah half of the reunion. 2016.03.01S05.E21