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A Surprise Visit Shakes Things Up On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

It's a bittersweet day at the Kandi Factory. 2016.11.21S09.E03

A Sneaky Snacker Sets Up A Skirmish On Survivor

Taylor's been stealing food, and Adam knew about it, and Jay ate some of it, so who should take the blame? 2016.11.17S33.E09

The House Always Wins On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Unless it's Shereè's or Kenya's. 2016.11.14S09.E02

Survivor's Lines Are Blurring When Three Tribes Become One

Will GenXers and Millennials revert to their generational alliances post-merge, or have new friendships formed during their time away? 2016.11.09S33.E08

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Set The Scene In An Unfinished Home

Kenya's housewarming party makes for a lukewarm premiere episode. 2016.11.06S09.E01

Finding Prince Charming Twirls Over The Rainbow Finish Line

That's not homophobic, there's literally twirling and rainbow lines. It ends badly. 2016.11.03S01.E08

Survivor Launches A Surprise Into Viewers' Laps

The only tribe that hasn't visited Tribal Council finally gets a chance, and the results are epic. 2016.11.02S33.E07

Finding Prince Charming Dines Family-Style

Will all of the suitors impress Robert's mostly boring family? Or will someone end up in the Friend Zone? 2016.10.28S01.E07

It's Time For Tea With Friends At The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Reunion

Look, Ru brought her friend Emmy! Let's have one last visit with these shady ladies. 2016.10.27S02.E09

Survivor Has To Teach The Kids Again That Power Couples Are A Bad Idea

And that reason is because people feel obligated to come up with couple portmanteaux like 'FigTayls.' 2016.10.26S33.E06

Survivor Says Goodbye To Generation X

But also says goodbye to Millennials, as the tribes mix it up and form three completely new tribes. 2016.10.19S33.E05

Game Recognize Game On Finding Prince Charming

The suitors try to show how well they know Robert, but for one of the guys, it's 9021-oh-no! 2016.10.13S01.E06

Someone Finally Wins This Season Of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

But after an epic rap number, they pretty much ALL win. 2016.10.13S02.E08

The Members Of Survivor's Generation X Tribe Seem To Be Pulling In Different Directions

After last week's blindside, all of the alliances are blown up and some people (David) are making inexplicable decisions. 2016.10.12S33.E04

The Suitors Make Masks 4 Masque on Finding Prince Charming

And if you think that joke was obvious, wait until you see the suitors 'reveal their inner selves.' (Phrasing.) 2016.10.06S01.E05

The Majority Alliances Begin To Fall On Survivor

The people on the bottom of big alliances actually realize they're on the bottom instead of just waiting around to be picked off each week. What a world! 2016.10.06S33.E03

Finding Prince Charming Guesses Who's Coming To Dinner

That's probably the only dinner/sex joke they didn't use. Find out what else doesn't get used, and only needs to look pretty, in this week's Watch/Skip Index! 2016.09.29S01.E04

A Millennial Power Couple Emerges On Survivor

And their tribemates recognize that strong couples have to be sent packing. 2016.09.28S33.E02