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The Bachelorette Goes (Foot)balls To The Wall!

JoJo narrows her field of suitors on the basis of football skills, ability to chop wood, and propensity for homicidal violence (looking at you, Chad)! Who will stay and who will go? 2016.06.08S12.E04

Is The Bachelorette Finally Fed Up With Chad's Bad Chaditude?

JoJo puts the men through their paces and loses patience with Chad! But will he go home? Only time will tell! 2016.06.07S12.E03

The Countess Is Public Enemy #1 On The Real Housewives of New York City

During Dorinda's un-birthday weekend, everyone is ready to put LuAnn in her place. 2016.06.02S08.E09

The Bachelorette Is A Literal Dumpster Fire That Refuses To Be Put Out!

JoJo forces her suitors to fight fires and fake-propose. Plus: Chad eats a full cow's worth of meat during one cocktail party! 2016.05.31S12.E02

Everyone Can't Even With Robert On The 60 Days In Reunion

What to watch and what to skip as the participants do a postmortem. (Not literally.) 2016.05.27S01.E13

It's The Drunk Real Housewives Of New York City Leading The Slightly Drunker

LuAnn may be homeless, but that's not going to stop her from rising like a Countess from the ashes. 2016.05.26S08.E08

The Bachelorette Begins Her Magical Quest

Naturally, it involves sitting on Santa's lap, because why wouldn't it? 2016.05.24S12.E01

The Real Housewives Of New York City's Sonja Meets Her Match In More Ways Than One

Bethenny confronts the 'Tipsy Girl' about her shady business practices, and Ramona brings the male equivalent of Sonja to a party. 2016.05.19S08.E07

Everyone Cries Fowl On Survivor's Season Finale

One of the final four takes home the $1 million prize, and then things get pretty bonkers. But you wouldn't expect anything less strange from a season whose most memorable character was a chicken. 2016.05.19S32.E14

Walk Into The RuPaul's Drag Race Finale Purse-First!

For the last time, the ladies of Season 8 come throoooough. 2016.05.17S08.E10

The Amazing Race's Social Media Star Season, tl;dr: #AmazingRace #LosAngeles #Meh

Racers throw themselves off of buildings and heave themselves over chasms in their final pursuit of the million dollars, but the most amazing feat of all is that they actually manage to make that stuff look pretty boring. 2016.05.13S28.E12

The Real Housewives of New York City Get Their Annual Psychic Check-Up

A visit from a semi-famous medium reveals even more John drama hiding beneath the surface. 2016.05.12S08.E06

Elimination (And The Lack Thereof) Is Crucial On Survivor

Survivor contestants have always battled the brutality of the elements and the duplicity of their teammates, but this week, the most frightening enemy is bodily functions. 2016.05.11S32.E13

A Shot At The Finals Hangs In The Balance On The Amazing Race

On their way to the final three, Amazing Racers visit Shenzhen, China's answer to Epcot, where a couple of teams form an unlikely 11th-hour coalition. 2016.05.06S28.E11

The Real Housewives of New York City Try, For Once, Being Real With One Another

Jules opens up about her past, LuAnn lets down her guard, and Ramona gives Sonja a much-needed, unheeded reality check. 2016.05.05S08.E05

Poor Challenge Performance Spells Doom On Survivor

Excellent teamwork sends three of the final six Survivors on an epic animal-related reward, while the immunity challenge teaches us that there’s no 'I' in 'immunity'...wait, that can’t be right. 2016.05.04S32.E12

It's A Final Four To Die Fo(u)r On RuPaul's Drag Race

Not even some weak-ass runway looks can keep these ladies down. 2016.05.02S08.E09

A U-Turn Ruffles Feathers On The Amazing Race

Racers spend a second leg in Indonesia enjoying the crystal-clear water, debating the U-Turn, and getting up close and personal with the local poultry. 2016.04.29S28.E10

Breaking Up Is (Not) Hard To Do On Grey's Anatomy

Stephanie chooses medicine over love, a dying patient chooses between familial love and passion, and Callie and Arizona asks everyone to choose between them. 2016.04.29S12.E21


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