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We've found the online-dating profiles of some of TV's most notable characters.

Royal Pains's Sunny Concierge Doctor Seeks Hamptons Homebody

This concierge doctor is ready to settle down. Could you be the lady lucky enough to be around for him to grab when he does? 2016.06.15S08.E05

Is The Catch's Investigative Star The Real Catch?

Alice may be a totally real (pretty fake) security expert, but you can still find her totally real (totally fake) dating profile! TYPICAL. 2016.05.06S01.E07

The Ultimate Bad Boy Of The Vampire Diaries Seeks Drinking Buddy, Cuddles

Damon Salvatore's too old to know how to use the internet, but we found his online dating profile anyway! 2016.04.15S07.E18

American Crime Story's 'Frump Incarnate' Seeks (Dance) Partner

If the scripted Marcia Clark had a made-up dating profile, it would probably look something like this. 2016.03.08S01.E06

Hearts And Glowers

Blindspot's Kurt Weller can overlook your past -- especially if you can't remember it -- as Mikki Halpin discovered in his (fake!) online-dating profile. 2016.01.06

Meet Jessica Jones's Cage Heat

Can we interest you in a cocktail? 2015.11.24S01.E03

RSVP For The Pity Party...In My Pants

After combing the internet, we finally found Amantha's (fake) online dating profile! 2015.07.23S03.E03

Semi-Divorced Detective Seeks Same (Ladies He Sought Before)

We found Sam Hodiak's (fake) dating profile! It's perfect...just like everything else he does. 2015.06.08S01.E09

Painting-Enthusiast Dancer Couple Seeks Third

You knew those dancing painters in the Behr ad were a couple of frrrrrrreaks, and now you have proof: their totally real (made-up) online-dating profile! 2015.05.28

Fog Horny

Daredevil's daytime partner is looking for a nighttime partner who wants to get a little Foggy. 2015.05.19S01.E09

Good-Lookin' Bad Seed Seeks Romance, Possible Getaway Driver

We found Kopus's (made-up) online-dating profile. Poke him today! (Gently. That abscess is pretty painful.) 2015.04.02S02.E01

Insecure Mommy Seeks Cheating Ass, Second-String Soul Mate

Tori Spelling is sticking with Dean McDermott for now, but doesn’t our Donna deserve better? 2014.10.21

Impossible Girl Seeks Impossible Hero

The Doctor told Clara he's not her boyfriend, so she may want to figure out who is -- with this (fake) online dating profile Jeff Alexander unearthed! 2014.09.07S08.E03

Brief Encounters

Innocence Initiative founder Clark Rylance seeks a discreet affair. Or just a lady who's not a complete self-destructive head case. 2014.08.14S01.E06

Great Manchild Seeks Intellectual And Fiscal Inferior For Sex, Drugs, Rolling Down Stairs

Erich Blunt's online dating profile is about what you'd expect. 2014.06.23S01.E03

Computer Programmer Seeks Female Woman Lady

Silicon Valley's 'Pakistani Denzel' is single and ready to mingle! 2014.05.18

Depressive Misanthrope Seeks Human Woman

Extraordinarily high tolerance for mopiness a plus! 2014.05.12S04.E03

Goal-Oriented Teacher's Pet Seeks...Same?

Now that we've seen two suitors vying for Santiago, let's peek at what her online dating profile says she wants in a guy. 2014.03.04S01.E19

Backdoor Stage Mom Seeks 'Daddy'

In the latest Couples Therapy, Farrah Abraham made an online dating profile, and we found it! JK, we made it up. 2014.02.14

Retired Police Detective Seeks Soulmate, Sominex

True Detective's Rust Cohle tries, and is tried by, internet dating. 2014.01.26S01.E03

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