Tinder Questions

Questions that are not quite "burning" yet, but could be at literally any second.

What Exactly Does Tom Have To Give Up For His Married At First Sight Second Honeymoon?

And more not-quite-burning questions about 'Forsaking All Others'! 2016.10.18S04.E13

Are The Real Housewives Of Orange County Milking Ireland For All It's Worth?

And other oh-so-burning questions as the women start with Baileys and move on to something stronger. 2016.10.18S11.E16

Timeless Discovers That What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay There

While also learning the difference between a bomb and a bombshell. 2016.10.18S01.E03

Gotham Gets Used To Its New Mayor, And Serves Up Some Questions

Things are happening in the new season. Perhaps too many things? 2016.10.17S03.E05

Miranda Quantican't With Quantico's Plotting

Examining her sub-operations, wardrobe, and other questionables. 2016.10.17S02.E03

Will Poldark's Demelza Row Her Boat Ashore...Before She Drops Her Kid?

And other not-quite-burning questions from Episode 4. 2016.10.16S02.E04

How Many Civil Rights Lawsuits Will This Week's 60 Days In Inspire?

And other feverish questions from this week's bottle-less bottle episode. 2016.10.14S02.E10

Why Do The British Men Of Letters Even Need Supernatural's Sam And Dean?

The Winchesters are back and we have so many questions. 2016.10.14S12.E01

Hey Pitch, You're An All-Star, Get Your Game On

...Not like that; more realistically. And could you throw out the Dramastical Issues O' Baseballing checklist, 'cause it's kinda obvious. 2016.10.13S01.E04

Hmmm, I'll Allow It. But You Watch Yourself, Bull!

Bull untangles a murder at the heart of a phenomenally popular podcast, letting the show depict the media as inaccurately as it depicts the legal profession. 2016.10.12S01.E03

Is The Profit Getting Tea-Boned By A Father-Son Franchising Team?

Or do the leaves tell Marcus Lemonis to walk away? 2016.10.11S04.E08

Is This Week's The Real Housewives Of Orange County A Four-Leaf Clover?

And other not-so-burning questions as the women start ruining Dublin. 2016.10.11S11.E15

When Can We Extract Hayley Atwell from Conviction?

And other nearly-burning questions from the second episode. 2016.10.10S01.E02

Exactly What Is Gotham's Mayoral Election Campaign Timeline?

And more questions sparked by the episode! 2016.10.10S03.E04

How Is It Possible That No One Has Risen From The Dead Before On Grey's Anatomy?

And how is it that we only get one 'Jesus Wept' reference? And other pressing questions sparked by a miraculous episode. 2016.10.07S13.E03

How Much Money Would You Win Playing Poker With The 60 Days Inmates?

And other hotter-than-coffee questions from the latest episode. 2016.10.07S02.E09

Can Luke Cage Save The Girl?

And other infuriating, not-quite-burning questions about S01.E11. 2016.10.06S01.E11

Would Married At First Sight's Sonia Be Better Off Divorced Than Married To A Guy With Nick's Terrible Taste In Bracelets?

What are Nick and Sonia fighting for, anyway? And other questions sparked by 'To Love And To Cherish'! 2016.10.05S04.E11


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