Tinder Questions

Questions that are not quite "burning" yet, but could be at literally any second.

What's In Vicki's Chinese Chicken Salad On The Real Housewives Of Orange County?

Is it wrong to be so gleeful about all the drama? And other, tingling questions. 2016.08.16S11.E07

Does The Wine Show Need More Show And Less Tell?

And by 'show,' we mean: when will these Matthews make out? 2016.08.16S01.E06

Will The Wine Show's Matthews Ever Run Away Together?

And other not-yet-burning questions sparked by S01.E03! 2016.08.14S01.E03

Mary Made Beef Wellington To Thaw Jason's Heart On Pretty Little Liars; Let's Hope It Freezes Well

Are we done kicking Spencer while she's down or can A.D. date her and dump her, too? 2016.08.10S07.E07

Might Married At First Sight's Sonia And Nick Require More Common Ground Than A Shared Dislike Of Mustard?

And more questions sparked as the couples head off on their honeymoons in 'Just Married'! 2016.08.10S04.E03

Is It Possible That Difficult People Is Too New York?

And other not-so-burning questions about the show's second season. 2016.08.09S02.E06

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Keeps Krushing Kuba

Cuba considers voluntarily reinstating U.S. embargo. 2016.08.08S12.E13

Is Kelly Just On The Real Housewives Of Orange County To Sip Tea And Take Names?

Plus other (thankfully, non-burning) questions. 2016.08.02S11.E06

Is The Night Of's Writing Too Dependent On The Goodwill Attached To Its Cast?

And other not-quite-burning questions from the most recent not-nearly-fast-moving-enough episode. 2016.07.31S01.E04

Why Does Ripper Street Keep Mistaking 'Cryptic' For 'Confusing'?

And other almost-burning questions about the fourth-season premiere. 2016.07.28S04.E01

Is It Possible That Vicki Has Hit A New Low On The Real Housewives Of Orange County?

Shannon's long-awaited '70s party brings up some far-out, burning questions. 2016.07.26S11.E05

Will Someone Ensure That Ivy Gets The Help She Needs In Thirteen's Finale?

And more questions answered or sparked by the episode. 2016.07.21S01.E05

What's Stranger Than Stranger Things?

The monster, the bullies, and the cat poster, plus more non-burning questions. 2016.07.20S01.E06

Aria Made Ali A Welcome Home Casserole On Pretty Little Liars? For Real?

Alison's in a cat t-shirt and somehow it gets worse from there. 2016.07.19S07.E05

Can't The Real Housewives Of Orange County's Vicki Just Work From Home?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the partially frozen latest episode. 2016.07.19S11.E04

Does UnREAL's Rachel Know Why She's Still At Everlasting?

And more questions about 'Ambush,' an even more troubling episode than usual. 2016.07.19S02.E07

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Made That Bitch Famous

They got that, they got that, they got that MILF money. 2016.07.18S12.E11