Tinder Questions

Questions that are not quite "burning" yet, but could be at literally any second.

Didn't DJ Already Make That Big Choice About Her Love Life On Fuller House?

And more questions sparked by the Season 2 premiere! 2016.12.09S02.E01

Did This Is Us Save The Worst For 'Last Christmas'?

There are so many twists, Al Lowe is asking Santa for a whiplash brace this year. 2016.12.06S01.E10

Ragnar Ain't Got Nobody And He's Feeling So Sad On Vikings

You thought THIS was a tough year? Yeah, yeah, talk to the King. 2016.11.30S04.E11

Will The Profit's Marcus Lemonis Put A Smile On This Designer's Face?

Or will his efforts turn out to be a sob story? 2016.11.29S04.E11

Will Marcus Lemonis's Tortilla Partnership Fall Flat On The Profit?

And other not-quite-burning questions as Lemonis learns to dance with the salsa sector. 2016.11.22S04.E10

Is This Vicki's Last Season Of The Real Housewives Of Orange County?

Should it be? And other questions from the third and final reunion episode. 2016.11.22S11.E21

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Reminds Us What To Be Thankful For

And that is that we made it to the season finale. 2016.11.21S12.E21

Is Vicki The Buddha Of The Real Housewives Of Orange County?

And other questions we never thought we'd have to ask, or answer. 2016.11.15S11.E20

Timeless Finally Solves The Watergate Tapes Mystery

But raises some interesting questions about where our crew is headed. 2016.11.15S01.E06

Which 60 Days In-Mate Has A Bun In The Oven?

And other toasty questions from the finale (or is it?) of 60 Days In. 2016.11.11S02.E14

Did Vicki Just Refer To The Real Housewives Of Orange County As 'My Show'?

And a ton more oh-so-burning questions from the reunion's first installment. 2016.11.08S11.E19

Has Keeping Up With The Kardashians Discovered A Cure For Anxiety?

And other burning questions we're taking to the Lord in prayer. 2016.11.07S12.E19

Can The 60 Days In-mates Handle Life On The Outside?

As the program ends, certain burning questions remain. 2016.11.04S02.E13

Is Tamra's Party The Real Housewives Of Orange County's Best One Yet?

And plenty more oh-so-burning questions from the season finale. 2016.11.01S11.E18

Is Gotham's Jervis Maybe Kind Of A Weirdo?

Things get so weird that Jim checks completely out from reality, and events make about as much sense. Monty Ashley's got questions! 2016.10.31S03.E07

Will Poldark Go To Debtors' Prison?

Or will an unexpected benefactor bail him out? 2016.10.30S02.E06


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