Tinder Questions

Questions that are not quite "burning" yet, but could be at literally any second.

Is Tamra's Party The Real Housewives Of Orange County's Best One Yet?

And plenty more oh-so-burning questions from the season finale. 2016.11.01S11.E18

Is Gotham's Jervis Maybe Kind Of A Weirdo?

Things get so weird that Jim checks completely out from reality, and events make about as much sense. Monty Ashley's got questions! 2016.10.31S03.E07

Will Poldark Go To Debtors' Prison?

Or will an unexpected benefactor bail him out? 2016.10.30S02.E06

Dirk Gently Demanding Answers

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency's second episode showers us with more questions, but are they the ones we're supposed to ask? 2016.10.29S01.E02

Do The Physician Instructors On Grey's Anatomy Deserve Failing Grades?

And other questions sparked by the latest episode, like are we surprised Meredith's file is thicker than everyone else's? 2016.10.28S13.E06

Is A Halloween Supernatural Really Special When It's Always Halloween On Supernatural?

It's just another day at the office for the Winchesters. 2016.10.28S12.E03

Will The Clark County Jailkeepers Listen To The Released 60 Days In-mates?

...and several other questions that are desperate for freedom. 2016.10.28S02.E12

Bull Can't Handle The Truth

Bull manages to satisfy both the defence and the prosecution! Is there anything this man can't do?! 2016.10.26S01.E05

How This Is Us Is Actually Us

If you feel like someone just read your emotional scrapbook to the world, you're not alone. 2016.10.25S01.E05

Are The Real Housewives of Orange County Strong Enough To Move Past Ireland?

And other oh-so-burning questions from this week's endurance test. 2016.10.25S11.E17

Is Gotham Really Going There With Eddie And Oswald?

If things keep going the way it looks like they will, this show will have its very first compelling romantic subplot. Monty has questions about 'Follow The White Rabbit'! 2016.10.24S03.E06

Did Miranda Mastermind Quantico's Hostage Exchange?

And more questions about 'Kubark'! 2016.10.24S02.E04

What's The Naked Truth About This Week's Elementary?

A murder at a clothing-optional retreat doesn't seem like a reason to ponder the '80s, Steve Winwood and Happy Endings. And yet.... 2016.10.24S05.E03

Why And WHEN Are We Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Friends, the breast is surely yet to come. 2016.10.24S12.E17

Poldark Asks A Character To Sink Or Swim

As Chris Traeger would say: literally! 2016.10.23S02.E05

Why Does The Vampire Diaries Have To Make It So Sad To Watch Damon Get His Kill On?

It's almost as depressing as Bonnie's guitar playing! Anyway: Liane Bonin Starr's got questions about the Season 8 premiere. 2016.10.21S08.E01