That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

Transparent Teaches A Tough Lesson About Bad Timing

Not that a Pfefferman can be expected to know when not to make everything about himself, but Josh really doesn't in S02.E06. 2015.12.16S02.E06

Adele Sets Fire To New York City

And Al Lowe loses her mind, before counting down the special's greatest moments. 2015.12.14

The Salvatore Brothers Learn A Tough Lesson About Being Clear-Headed In Vengeance On The Vampire Diaries

It's another heartwarming Vampire Diaries Christmas! But not really. 2015.12.10S07.E09

Dear John

When a bad guy gets bad news, The Man In The High Castle puts the realities of a Nazi occupation in focus. 2015.12.03S01.E08

Supernatural's Sam Learns A Tough Lesson About Having An Imaginary Friend

What seems like an excuse for Dean to snark it up is actually sweet and sorta sad. 2015.12.03S11.E06

We Interrupt This Transparent Wedding For A Trip To 1933

Please enjoy this surprise, stirring shift in the middle of the Season 2 premiere. 2015.12.01S02.E01

Jessica Jones’s Neighbor Learns A Valuable Lesson About Solipsism

Back in Jessica's old 'hood, a blast from her past serves as the messenger for advice we can all use regarding compassionate listening. 2015.11.30S01.E08

Fargo Teaches Simone A Tough Lesson About Dividing One's Loyalties

And gang war can't even take a day off for a funeral. 2015.11.23S02.E07

Ranting And Raven

Doctor Who's Clara decides that having all the facts before taking the place of a condemned man is for the birds. 2015.11.22S09.E10

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Caroline A Tough Lesson About Undead Reproduction

Caroline is better at denial than a teenager with strict parents 2015.11.20S07.E07

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Changes The Rules

A weak episode is saved by a great song...that's a possible game-changer. 2015.11.16S01.E06

Don't Go Near A Bedroom On Flesh And Bone

Mark Blankenship learns that camp humor can, indeed, be out of place. 2015.11.13S01.E05

For a Fleeting Moment, Flesh And Bone Is About Ballet, Not Strippers

Or, to put it another way, for a second it's almost good. 2015.11.12S01.E04

Ash Attends An Evil Dead Dinner

No, he wasn't invited. Yes, he's probably going to make a mess. 2015.11.07S01.E02

Fargo's Floyd Gets Down To Business

Of course she does: Floyd rules. 2015.11.02S02.E04

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Teaches Us Not To Hide From Life...In Song!

Run with scissors! Swim after eating! Jump out a window! You can do anything if you face your fears in a musical number. 2015.10.27S01.E03

Fargo's Typewriter Salesman Learns The Hard Way Why You Don't Get Out Of The Shadows

Also, he has a name. It's Skip Sprang. You probably won't wear it out. 2015.10.26S02.E03