That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

American Crime Stages A Clash Of The Titans

In an episode full of confrontations, Terri LaCroix and Anne Blaine face off. It's brief but so explosive that Paul Quinn's not sure the universe can handle it. 2016.02.11S02.E06

Jane The Virgin Teaches Rogelio A Tough Lesson About Keeping Eyes On A Baby

Among other things. Mateo's hands may be tiny, but if they can pick up Cheerios.... 2016.02.09S02.E11

In Episode 3, London Spy Goes Next Level

This week, Danny's quarry does something positively unspeakable to him. 2016.02.04S01.E03

On American Crime, Even Ballet Might Not Be Safe

Or: 'You Can Dance If You Want To (See How Terrible Your Community Is).' 2016.02.04S02.E05

Supernatural Teaches Sulky Teenagers A Tough Lesson On Appreciating What They Have (And Some Vampires Help)

And how do these straight teen girls not think Sam and Dean are hot? 2016.02.03S11.E12

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Damon A Tough Lesson About Handling His Emotions

In an episode that's like Groundhog Day, but with more killing. 2016.01.29S07.E10

London Spy Introduces Alex's Mummy Dearest

Danny visits Alex's ancestral home, and the encounter explains a lot. 2016.01.28S01.E02

Younger Teaches Charles A Tough Lesson About Hog Management

Never trust a sweat short and a smile. 2016.01.27S02.E04

Don't Worry -- Galavant's Death Is Hilarious!

Seriously, though. There are at least twenty great jokes in this episode. 2016.01.24S02.E07

Colony Learns A Tough Lesson On Keeping Some Cards Close To Your Vest

To put it another way: Geronimo wishes you'd pipe down. 2016.01.22S01.E02

We Need To Talk About Brendan

Ain't nothin' good comin' outta Episode 4 of Making A Murderer. 2015.12.21S01.E04

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Finds Paradise By The iPhone Light

We're Keeping Up With The Kardashians as they spend their time in St. Barths reading InTouch on five-inch screens. 2015.12.21S11.E06

Transparent S02.E09 Offers Radical Observations And Tits Akimbo

It's not quite a walk in the woods at this femme-centric outdoor festival, but everyone's better because of it. 2015.12.18S02.E09

Transparent Goes Inside A Sex Circus In S02.E08

Don't you hate it when you're at the Institute of Sex Research and your mom comes to pick you up? 2015.12.17S02.E08