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Broad City Teaches Abbi And Ilana A Tough Lesson About Food Co-Op Ethics

And, secondarily, about the importance of high-quality produce to one's GI tract. 2016.02.24S03.E02

Love Teaches Mickey And Gus A Tough Lesson About Planning Dates

Mickey and Gus go on their first proper date. How does it go? Well, there are three more episodes in the season after this one. 2016.02.24S01.E07

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend May Be Miserable, But At Least Somebody's Having A Gay Old Time

Rebecca's lies keep coming, but another character learns that the long-dormant truth can go in two directions. 2016.02.22S01.E12

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Stefan And Caroline A Tough Lesson About Supernatural Childbirth

It's time for Caroline to get birthing those twin parasitic babies! 2016.02.19S07.E13

Broad City Shows Us Exactly What Abbi And Ilana Spent The Past Year Doing...In The Bathroom

We giffed the most important toilet-adjacent moments from the time we've spent apart. 2016.02.17S03.E01

The Fosters Dives Deep Into A Beautiful Marriage

Stef and Lena figure out how to face yet another life-changing challenge together. 2016.02.16S03.E13

Better Call Saul Teaches A Novice Drug Dealer A Tough Lesson On Heeding Good Advice

Even if he doesn't realize quite yet exactly how badly he's screwed himself. 2016.02.15S02.E01

'Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend! Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend!'

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the sweetest episode of Elementary ever. 2016.02.12S04.E12

Supernatural Teaches The Winchester Boys The Fine Art of Dyeing

It turns out Valentine's Day is all right for cursing your husband. 2016.02.11S11.E13

American Crime Stages A Clash Of The Titans

In an episode full of confrontations, Terri LaCroix and Anne Blaine face off. It's brief but so explosive that Paul Quinn's not sure the universe can handle it. 2016.02.11S02.E06

Jane The Virgin Teaches Rogelio A Tough Lesson About Keeping Eyes On A Baby

Among other things. Mateo's hands may be tiny, but if they can pick up Cheerios.... 2016.02.09S02.E11

In Episode 3, London Spy Goes Next Level

This week, Danny's quarry does something positively unspeakable to him. 2016.02.04S01.E03

On American Crime, Even Ballet Might Not Be Safe

Or: 'You Can Dance If You Want To (See How Terrible Your Community Is).' 2016.02.04S02.E05

Supernatural Teaches Sulky Teenagers A Tough Lesson On Appreciating What They Have (And Some Vampires Help)

And how do these straight teen girls not think Sam and Dean are hot? 2016.02.03S11.E12

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Damon A Tough Lesson About Handling His Emotions

In an episode that's like Groundhog Day, but with more killing. 2016.01.29S07.E10

London Spy Introduces Alex's Mummy Dearest

Danny visits Alex's ancestral home, and the encounter explains a lot. 2016.01.28S01.E02

Younger Teaches Charles A Tough Lesson About Hog Management

Never trust a sweat short and a smile. 2016.01.27S02.E04

Don't Worry -- Galavant's Death Is Hilarious!

Seriously, though. There are at least twenty great jokes in this episode. 2016.01.24S02.E07


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