That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

Penny Dreadful Takes You To Church

A single, simple scene takes Penny Dreadful forward by leaps and bounds (and stabs!). 2016.05.29S03.E05

This Has To Be The Crappiest Superhero/Supernatural Team Ever

Nice try, God, but you may have wanted a more considered plan of attack. 2016.05.19S11.E22

The Night Manager Makes Nice Hotels Seem Terrifying

And bedbugs have nothing to do with it. 2016.05.17S01.E05

The Mindy Project Imagines The Worst Thing A Sex Partner Might Be Hiding Under His Shirt

Mindy's ex Casey comes back to town, bringing with him some unwelcome hangers-on -- and not just his disapproving friends. 2016.05.17S04.E19

When New Girl Throws A Wedding, No One Holds Their Peace

So let's collect each character's best quote from the Season 5 finale! 2016.05.11S05.E21

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Bonnie A Tough Lesson About Reading The Fine Print

Because this poor punching bag hasn't been through enough, right? 2016.04.29S07.E20

New Girl Takes A Disastrous Trip To The Desert

Let's summarize the horror in three representative quotes! 2016.04.27S05.E17

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Squad Members Attack The Figgis Operation, Each In Their Own Unique Ways

Brooklyn Nine-Nine sends off the season with a quintessential line for each character. And here they are! 2016.04.20S03.E23

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lets Holt Celebrate A Victory With Wild Abandon

Or, at least, contemplate it before calming the hell down. 2016.04.13S03.E22

Better Call Saul Makes Kim Choose A Side

We get a new perspective on what kind of lawyer she wants to be, but then, apparently so does she. 2016.04.12S02.E09

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets An Infection...Of Feelings

The songs are the stars again on an episode that finds joy in unexpected places. 2016.04.11S01.E17

Broad City Treats Serious Feelings...Seriously?

It's weird. But it works! ...It is weird, though. 2016.04.06S03.E08

Better Call Saul Teaches Kim A Tough Lesson About Oral Agreements

And one about snakes -- though, to be fair, that one she'd kind of already learned before. 2016.04.05S02.E08

Vikings Teaches A Tough Lesson About Fidelity

While Ragnar and the rest of the Vikings are away attacking Paris again, the she-folk keep themselves busy. 2016.03.31S04.E07

Light A Fire Under It, Sleepy Hollow

How is an episode with so many revelations -- and this guy -- still so dull? 2016.03.25S03.E16

Daredevil Gets Dealt A Very, Very Bad Hand

And Matt Murdock finds out things have just gone way off the chain. 2016.03.24S02.E08

Broad City Shows You How To Prepare Your Face For An Uncomfortable Reunion

If Abbi's going to meet back up with someone she (accidentally) wronged in high school, she's going to need to have the right very authentic expression stuck on her head. 2016.03.23S03.E06


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