That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

Vikings Teaches A Tough Lesson On Respectful Premarital Behavior

Lagertha shows us that Viking women know how to play a long game. 2016.03.18S04.E05

Broad City Is Living History As Ilana And Abbi Meet Hillary Clinton

Ilana's chance delivery to a campaign office changes the course of her life...for a few hours. 2016.03.17S03.E05

Younger Makes A Big Impact

Will Liza's lies come crashing down? Or will something else? 2016.03.16S02.E11

Has Sherlock's Growing Emotional Life Chased Another Friend Away From Elementary?

Elementary takes on The Hound Of The Baskervilles, but the most important moment has nothing to do with any dogs. 2016.03.11S04.E16

Frank's Surprising Move On House Of Cards

S04.E11 writes a new chapter for the Underwood marriage. 2016.03.10S04.E11

Better Call Saul Teaches A Tough Lesson About Being Clear-Headed In Business

And Nacho gets to sit in on a master class in ends justifying means. 2016.03.08S02.E04

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Learns Her Role In The Rom-Com Of Her Life

Spoiler: it's not the one she thought it was. 2016.03.07S01.E14

Fuller House? More Like Fully Choreographed!

A surprise Bollywood dance number not only wakes up a dull party, it stands in for the Full House universe's usual hugs and violins when it comes time for catharsis. 2016.03.03S01.E11

Fuller House's Becky Drops In To Have A Giddy Mental Breakdown

Who has time to worry about a secret admirer when a woman is sending out a call for help via baby fashion montage? 2016.03.03S01.E09

Fuller House Teaches Jackson A Tough Lesson About Diving Into A Wrestling Ring Without Asking Questions First

D.J.'s oldest son listens to his dumb bestie and attends a Lucha Libre event he'd been forbidden to attend. He's immediately attacked by crazy chickens. 2016.03.02S01.E06

She's Stephanie Tanner, And In Episode 5 Of Fuller House, She's Got A Secret

At the end of 'Mad Max,' Stephanie admits something to D.J., and reminds the audience we really care about these silly gooseheads. 2016.03.01S01.E05

Togetherness Teaches Tina A Tough Lesson About Trivia

Trying to impress a dude by showing up his lady is only human. Just...make sure you aren't way, way, WAY outmatched on the field of battle. 2016.02.28S02.E02

If You Want To Watch A Sitcom With Your Kids, You Could Do Worse Than Fuller House

It's not thirty minutes of wonderful, but after S01.E02, Mark Blankenship thinks it's not exactly nothing special either. 2016.02.26S01.E02

Elementary Delivers The Mother Of All Reveals

Sherlock and Joan head down to Chinatown to answer the question 'Who Is That Masked Man?' 2016.02.26S04.E14

Broad City Teaches Abbi And Ilana A Tough Lesson About Food Co-Op Ethics

And, secondarily, about the importance of high-quality produce to one's GI tract. 2016.02.24S03.E02

Love Teaches Mickey And Gus A Tough Lesson About Planning Dates

Mickey and Gus go on their first proper date. How does it go? Well, there are three more episodes in the season after this one. 2016.02.24S01.E07

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend May Be Miserable, But At Least Somebody's Having A Gay Old Time

Rebecca's lies keep coming, but another character learns that the long-dormant truth can go in two directions. 2016.02.22S01.E12