That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

Jody Takes A Great Leap Forward On The Mindy Project, In Just Three Pieces Of Dialogue

As Jody goes through some emotional upheavals (but comes out the better for it), we've collected the episode's best lines. 2016.06.21S04.E24

Orange Is The New Black's Taystee Uses The Internet Like This Commentator's Dad Uses The Internet

Let's reflect on that moment where our girl Taystee realized that one bad search can lead to a lot of weird porn. 2016.06.21S04.E05

O.J.: Made In America Cuts To The Chase

As the film moves into the trial, we're obliged to consider what we think we know. 2016.06.15S01.E03

Time And The Healing Of Wounds In O.J.: Made In America

'Part 2' uses the passing of years and screentime minutes to retell old stories. 2016.06.15S01.E02

Joey Demonstrates For Emma Why Some Teenage Newlyweds Should Not Try To Buy Homes

As with another famous Joey, sandwiches are involved. 2016.06.14S01.E03

UnREAL Teaches Rachel A Tough Lesson About End-Runs

Finding herself between two warring showrunners causes Rachel to make a big move, and face big consequences. 2016.06.13S02.E02

Outcast's Mother Issues Make A Lot More Sense After That Last Scene

Kyle's poor mother has been through much more than we could have imagined. 2016.06.10S01.E02

Penny Dreadful Takes You To Church

A single, simple scene takes Penny Dreadful forward by leaps and bounds (and stabs!). 2016.05.29S03.E05

This Has To Be The Crappiest Superhero/Supernatural Team Ever

Nice try, God, but you may have wanted a more considered plan of attack. 2016.05.19S11.E22

The Night Manager Makes Nice Hotels Seem Terrifying

And bedbugs have nothing to do with it. 2016.05.17S01.E05

The Mindy Project Imagines The Worst Thing A Sex Partner Might Be Hiding Under His Shirt

Mindy's ex Casey comes back to town, bringing with him some unwelcome hangers-on -- and not just his disapproving friends. 2016.05.17S04.E19

When New Girl Throws A Wedding, No One Holds Their Peace

So let's collect each character's best quote from the Season 5 finale! 2016.05.11S05.E21

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Bonnie A Tough Lesson About Reading The Fine Print

Because this poor punching bag hasn't been through enough, right? 2016.04.29S07.E20

New Girl Takes A Disastrous Trip To The Desert

Let's summarize the horror in three representative quotes! 2016.04.27S05.E17

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Squad Members Attack The Figgis Operation, Each In Their Own Unique Ways

Brooklyn Nine-Nine sends off the season with a quintessential line for each character. And here they are! 2016.04.20S03.E23