Spectrum Analysis

Your instant breakdown of an episode's very DNA.

Girl Meets Cancelled, Part 1

Part 1 of the now-confirmed series finale has a lot of heart but no substance. 2017.01.13S03.E20

The Trans List: 'You WILL Become Yourself'

HBO's documentary on the journeys of trans Americans is what you expect -- and unexpected too. 2016.12.06

Girl Meets A Christmas Carol, Dickens Winces In Grave

It's Christmas -- ONLY Christmas -- in Riley Town. 2016.12.02S03.E18

Girl Meets Crime In A Stupid Plotline

Maya commits a felony, but no one calls it that because everything is shiny and happy in Disney Channel Land. 2016.11.18S03.E017

Girl Meets Grounded

It's Riley vs. Topanga in the first-ever Matthews mother-daughter showdown. 2016.11.04S03.E16


POV Examines The Cost Of Standing Up For Victims In Hooligan Sparrow

Chinese activists seek justice for schoolgirls abused by their principal, then wonder if there's any for themselves. 2016.10.17S29.E10

Girl Meets Ghost

The ghost of Halloween-themed Auggie returns to teach us what life would be like if Riley and Maya weren't friends. 2016.10.14S03.E15

Sharon Shattuck / PBS

'There Are All Different Kinds Of Women': POV's From This Day Forward

A filmmaker investigates her whole family in (her father's) transition. 2016.10.10S29.E09

Does Amanda Knox Tell Us Anything New About Amanda Knox?

Years in the making, the Netflix documentary looks at accusations against Knox, and their aftermath. Could it have looked harder? 2016.09.30

Girl Meets The Cold, Hard, Disgusting Truth

Riley finally meets someone who doesn't like her. Cory tries teaching Health. 2016.09.23S03.E14

It's Game Over On Big Brother

Another batch of losers picks another winner. 2016.09.22S18.E42


Should You Enter POV's Drug-War Docu Kingdom Of Shadows?

Or will the intractability of the problem make it feel pointless to watch? 2016.09.19S29.E08

Is Three Days Of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks A Time You Should Revisit?

The shocking frequency of mass killings may have desensitized you to them; this film will reverse that process. 2016.09.19

Big Brother's Not Kitten Around

The final three introduce myriad never-before-seen vignettes from their crazy summer before getting down to the purr-pose of the episode: a kitty-themed final HoH challenge. 2016.09.16S18.E41

Girl Meets Cultural Whitewashing

It's Culture Week at Abigail Adams, but that doesn't mean the Disney Channel will allow Riley to really learn anything. 2016.09.16S03.E13

Big Brother's Production Of One Angry Man

The jury house gets uglier than ever. 2016.09.15S18.E40

Tuesday's Gone With [REDACTED] On Big Brother

A live eviction surprises with its timing, but not so much with who it is. 2016.09.14S18.E39

Will Big Brother Prove Treacherous Down To The Cor?

When everyone left in the house is an ally, nominations are going to hurt some feelings. So why not hurt as many as possible? 2016.09.12S18.E38