Show Shot Clock

How far we made it into a highly regarded, newsy, or otherwise worthwhile program before bailing on it for a What Not To Wear rerun.

Save Thyself

How long did our commentator manage to watch the Save Me pilot? 2013.05.24S01.E01

Oh, For Quirk's Sake

The meter is running on Christopher Guest's first TV show. 2013.05.13S01.E01

Nothing But Net(s)

Watching Oprah's sit-down with Jason Collins was a tall order. 2013.05.06S02.E29

Terrorist Unwatched List

Most of Frontline's special about top-secret anti-terror measures will stay secret...from me. 2013.05.01

No Bet, Frontline

I tried to learn about average Americans working all the way up to the lip of the grave. I failed. 2013.04.24

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