Show Shot Clock

How far we made it into a highly regarded, newsy, or otherwise worthwhile program before bailing on it for a What Not To Wear rerun.

How Long Did The New Atlanta's Sophomore Episode Take To Get Old?

Whatever happened to the show between its promising debut and last night's episode, it ain't good. 2013.09.25S01.E02

How Long Before The Shine Went Off The Goldbergs?

Thanks to George Segal: not so long. 2013.09.25S01.E01

How Long Did Jersey Strong Take To Flex On Our Season Pass List?

Not long at all. And would you believe a precocious kid is what sold us on it? 2013.09.16S01.E01

How Long Did We Manage To Care About Derek?

Ricky Gervais's new show is on Netflix. It's weird. 2013.09.13S01.E01

How Many Seconds Did The Million Second Quiz Need To Win Us Over?

This author likes the show in spite of the dearth of title hyphens. 2013.09.10S01.E01

Did Back In The Game Score A Home Run Off Our Sports-Hating Commentator?

Before you answer: it's about Little League, and she's also not wild about kids. 2013.09.06S01.E01

How Long Did We Leave Comedy Central's Roast Of James Franco In The Oven?

Pro tip: You want this commentator to watch the whole thing, you don't put Kroll up first. 2013.09.03

When Did We Quit The 2013 MTV VMAs?

This author "celebrated Brooklyn" by going to bed. 2013.08.26

Lindsay Lohan's Obligatory Oprah's Next Chapter Interview

How long did it take this commentator to fall off the wagon? 2013.08.19

When Did Owner's Manual Take Off?

The author wanted the show to do better. Unexpectedly, it did. 2013.08.16S01.E01

How Long Did Low Winter Sun Take To Set?

It's a new record for the Show Shot Clock. Eff you, Frank. 2013.08.12S01.E01

Why Double Divas Got An F

But how much of the episode did we manage to watch? 2013.08.07S02.E01

How Awesome Is The Awesomes?

The Hulu series is awesomer than this author expected. 2013.08.01

Frontline Visits Assisted Living

But could our correspondent stick around for canasta? 2013.07.31

How Long Did It Take Us To Drop Out Of High School USA?

It's only ten minutes long, and yet...that might be too long. 2013.07.22S01.E01

How Long Did Camp Need To Pitch A Tent In Our Hearts?

That's gross, sorry, but: not long at all. Welcome to the softer side of the Show Shot Clock. 2013.07.11S01.E01

It's Not A Seller's Market

How far into Property Envy did our correspondent get? 2013.07.10S01.E01

So Many Triggers In A Single Frontline

Could our correspondent watch the entire episode? 2013.06.26

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