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How far we made it into a highly regarded, newsy, or otherwise worthwhile program before bailing on it for a What Not To Wear rerun.

Will Running From Crazy Leave You Out Of Breath?

Mariel Hemingway's documentary memoir of her family's struggles with mental illness isn't quite what she thinks it is -- but it's very watchable. 2014.04.29

The Awful Truth Of 30 For 30's 'Hillsborough'

An affecting look back at the 1989 soccer-stadium tragedy. 2014.04.16

Is The Return To Amy's Baking Company Icing On The Cake?

Kitchen Nightmares kicks off the season by revisiting last year's infamous finale. 2014.04.11S07.E01

Should Frontline's Tuberculosis Episode Be Quarantined?

Sarah assumed so, but it's actually not as bleak as you'd expect. 2014.03.26

Those Who Bore

Sarah takes her Those Who Kill season pass out and shoots it thanks to meandering "plotting" and a student-film shot that beggars belief. 2014.03.10S01.E02

Is Frontline's 'Generation Like' Worth Favoriting?

A terrifying look at how the internet and adolescents shape each other. 2014.02.19

What Did Revealing: Celebutante Actually Expose?

One, celebs buy Twitter followers. Two, Sarah misses All On The Line With Joe Zee. 2014.02.05S01.E03

Is And The Oscar Goes To... Documentary Gold?

TCM's history of the Academy Awards is quite winning. 2014.02.02

Is Salinger Worth Staking Out?

American Masters aired Shane Salerno's doc last night, and it's a (visual) page-turner. 2014.01.22

How Much Of Klondike Did We Make It Through Before Succumbing To Frostbite?

Alas, Nick's pioneering spirit only took him so far. 2014.01.21S01.E01

Did Sarah Choose Chozen For A DVR Season Pass?

Find out whether the fart jokes worked. 2014.01.14S01.E01

Killing Kennedy Is Lethally Boring

Sarah D. Bunting lasted 20 exposition-sodden and factually incorrect minutes. Don't make the same mistake. 2013.11.11

Jour Of The Dead

French thriller The Returned won Sarah D. Bunting over fast. Try it! 2013.11.07

How Long Did Frontline's Superbug Episode Take To Make Us Sick?

Let's just say this author isn't in a big hurry to go to the hospital. 2013.10.23

How Long Did We Enjoy Living In Ravenswood?

Even our teen drama-loving commentator felt out of place in the Pretty Little Liars spinoff. 2013.10.23S01.E01

When Did We Pour Out A Little For CrazySexyCool?

Our author realizes too late that there are easier ways to watch TLC music videos than watching this biopic. 2013.10.22

When Did Witches Of East End Cast A Spell On Us?

This author didn't really care for "witch TV." Then Rachel Boston made a wedgie joke. 2013.10.07S01.E01

Outrageous Fortune

Lucky 7 has enough problems without completely forgetting things that happened one episode ago. 2013.10.02S01.E02

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