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How far we made it into a highly regarded, newsy, or otherwise worthwhile program before bailing on it for a What Not To Wear rerun.

Sorry, 'The Charlie Theory': Why We Finally Bailed On Is O.J. Innocent

Shouldn't longtime law-enforcement types have a better handle on what constitutes 'proof'? 2017.01.18S01.E05

Should You Spare Some DVR Storage For Independent Lens's Nuclear-Waste Docu Containment?

Or is the compelling bleakness you find in certain New Yorker articles too much? 2017.01.09S18.E04

What's The Verdict On American Masters's Take On Sidney Lumet?

By Sidney Lumet is a lost master class for the director's fans. How's it play for everyone else? 2017.01.03S29.E06

Should You Hold On To Independent Lens's Best And Most Beautiful Things?

Or is one non-neurotypical young woman's journey in fact...too typical? 2017.01.02S18.E03

How Many Versions Of Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You Is Too Many?

Did American Masters bite off more than it could chew with this titan of the sitcom? 2016.10.25S28.E07

How Long Should You Wait For The Killing Of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered To Uncover Said Truth?

Or is it, like most accounts of this tragedy, just a rehash of facts we already have? 2016.09.06

Should You Study Netflix Juco Football Docuseries Last Chance U?

It rushed Sarah D. Bunting's heart in record time. 2016.07.29S01.E01

When Should You Let Go Of How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change?

'Before you pass out trying to say the entire cutesy title in a single breath' is our recommendation. 2016.06.27

Superstore Is No Bargain

Ben Feldman picks another sitcom loser. How long did it take Sarah D. Bunting to cancel her gold membership? 2015.11.30S01.E01

Is There Method To Listen To Me Marlon's Madness?

Or is Stevan Riley's audio docu collage too Malicky for its own good? Sarah D. Bunting's reaction might surprise you (it surprised her). 2015.11.14

Did Sarah's Interest In Alcatraz: Search For The Truth Reach Land, Or Drown?

History Channel's special on the notorious escape is a choppy swim. 2015.10.12

Investigation Discovery's Serial Thriller Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Statute Of Limitations'

Sarah D. Bunting salutes the network's willingness to try scripted programming but can't get through its maiden effort. 2015.06.08

500 Days Of Stalling

Über-Brit Richard Quest attempts to guide contestants through ABC's latest 'game show event,' and gets lost in a foggy marsh of rules and pointless blathering along the way. 2015.05.25

When Did Tales Of The Grim Sleeper Awaken Us To Its Charms?

Nick Broomfield's L.A. serial-murder doc is in fact grim -- but accidental producer Pamela Brooks is the poo, so take a big whiff. 2015.04.28

Should You Pick Dateline's Robert Durst Special Out Of A Lineup?

The newsmagazine grabs a ratings coattail with a special report. Is it worth watching? 2015.03.20

How Long Did It Take Sarah To Walk Away From The 50 Year Argument?

Martin Scorsese's love letter to The New York Review Of Books is missing something. (Besides that hyphen, ugh.) 2014.09.30

Should You Lose Frontline's 'Losing Iraq' From Your DVR?

Sarah's answer might surprise you. 2014.07.30S32.E12

How Long Did Taxi Brooklyn Take To Drive Sarah Up A Wall?

NBC's new cop joint puts the 'hack' back in 'hack license.' 2014.06.26S01.E01

Is Dateline's OJ Special Worth Admitting Into Evidence?

It depends. How do you feel about Lester Holt? (Sarah is pro.) 2014.06.19

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