Breaking down each episode of our favorite formulaic shows by how closely it hews to said formula.

Maci 'Yes, Finally's Taylor's Proposal as Teen Mom Returns

In other anticlimactic news, Catelynn is still sad, Matt is still a con artist, and Farrah is still making crew members pee outside. 2016.08.22S06.E01

Is Halt And Catch Fire Living the California Dream?

The state may have changed -- we've swapped Texas out for California -- but Donna and Cameron are still struggling to build a business, Gordon's still a sadsack, and Joe's still a creeping menace. 2016.08.22S03.E01

Will Catfish Help Spencer And Katy's (Teenage) Dream Come True?

Or will Katy turn out to be The One That Got Away? 2016.08.17S05.E15

Will Catfish Help Larissa And Anthony Break Larissa's Streak Of Bad Relationships?

Larissa's been burned before, but are her instincts about her new online boyfriend as sound as she hopes? 2016.08.11S05.E14

Will Catfish Broker Peace Between Lucas And The Many Ladies He's Known Online?

Instagram and Tinder dreamboat Lucas can't stop catching women in his thirst traps. But is he what he seems? 2016.08.10S05.E13

How Much Longer Before It's Lights Out For Brittany On Intervention?

Brittany's drowning in heroin and family history. Will she get in the show's life raft? 2016.08.07S15.E13

Rob's Selling Family Property -- And Close To Buying The Farm -- On Intervention

Can a small-town real-estate heir start over one more time before it's too late? 2016.07.31S15.E12

Can Jonel Act Her Age On Intervention?

Years of suboxone and hopelessness have put a decade on the 23-year-old's face. Can she turn back the clock? 2016.07.24S15.E11

Intervention Tries To Save The Life Of Brian

A funeral director isn't dealing with the death of his marriage and dreams. 2016.07.17S15.E10

DB Cooper: Case Closed? And The Tropes Of Cold-Case Event Television

Does the latest Cooper case-file special rise above the clich├ęs of the genre -- or succeed in spite of them? 2016.07.11

Intervention Is A Wreck

Her manicure's just about the only thing working in Alicia's life. Is she headed for a crash? 2016.07.10S15.E09

'Living In A Haunted Situation' On Intervention

Paranormal investigator Daniel M. battles demons literal and figurative. 2016.06.26S15.E08

Intervention Should Probably Kick Rocks

The only thing midseason-premiere subject Ginjer (...we know) likes more than swearing is Dilaudid. 2016.06.19S15.E07

There's No 'Fun' In Finale, Or In Teen Mom 2-land

The seventh season ends on a major down note as Kail's marriage ends, Leah can't stop crying, and Jenelle and Barb go for Round 1,397 of their audition for The Mother Daughter Experiment. 2016.06.06S07.E12

Jenelle Fishes For Pills And Her Mother's Love On Teen Mom 2

Jenelle may be on the hunt, but Leah and Kail both have things they're trying to hide. 2016.05.30S07.E11

The Law & Order: SVU Finale Breaks Up The Family

A manipulative, but effective, end to Season 17. 2016.05.25S17.E23

The Blacklist Finale Aims To Please!

Does anyone die? More importantly, does anyone come back to life? 2016.05.20S03.E23

A Corrections Officer Is Brad To The Bone On Law & Order: SVU

New York's Boldest take it too far when a former inmate blows (...sorry) the whistle on rape at Rikers. 2016.05.19S17.E22

America And Barb Want To Know What Jenelle's Damage Is On Teen Mom 2

Jenelle's latest lunkhead boyfriend calls the cops on Barb, while Kail deals with a deployed husband and Aubree gets her first pair of (pink, of course, do you even watch this show?) glasses. 2016.05.17S07.E09