Breaking down each episode of our favorite formulaic shows by how closely it hews to said formula.

Idol Endnotes: Twisted

A performance by Keith Urban, and a pointless change-up by the producers. 2014.05.01S13.E35

Hey, Remember When This Show Was A Procedural?

Yet another As The Squad Turns William Lewis-ode "proceeds" to get on Sarah's nerves as Benson faces LOSING EVERYTHING some more. 2014.05.01S15.E20

Too Many Deathstrokes

When Oliver fights an army of Slade's mini-Slades, is that Arrow-y enough? 2014.05.01S02.E21

Idol Endnotes: High Five

America picked the songs, and it went about how you'd expect. 2014.05.01S13.E34

Let's All Give This Episode of Awkward. The Side-Eye

Mostly because they chose not to make it an homage to seminal CBS Christian drama Touched By An Angel. 2014.04.30S04.E03

'Warning: I Do Dumb Things'

Millina has a t-shirt that serves as a metaphor for the entire series, and her vagina looks like Stargate. 2014.04.29S05.E03

Spy Harder

Turn mistakes (admittedly pretty good) historical texture for plot, again. 2014.04.27S01.E04

And Let Slip The Dogs Of Will

A killer with an animal-based identity disorder gives Will's identity crisis some purpose. 2014.04.26S02.E09

Mycroft's Back!

Let's run down the Elementary elements while we celebrate the return of Rhys Ifans as Sherlock's brother. 2014.04.25S02.E21

Idol Endnotes: Country Strong

Keith cleans up nice to send a Top Sixer home. 2014.04.24S13.E33

The Flight Of The Canary

Sara makes a big decision, while another person knows Oliver's secret...but not for long. 2014.04.24S02.E20

Idol Endnotes: No Y'allternative

The Top 6 perform variations on no theme. 2014.04.23S13.E32

Tamara's Comically Large Sandwich On Awkward. Has A Secret

Whatever it is, it's more interesting than whatever Matty's brooding about. 2014.04.23S04.E02

In Which A Teen Dad Chooses Weed Over Diaper Money

Sixteen-year-old Autumn and her sister Misty are both teen moms, but only one of them has a baby daddy who graciously offered up $2.50 in child support. 2014.04.22S05.E02

Crowning Achievement

With the birth of Lana's baby and the return of ISIS, Archer Vice ends on a high, sweet note. But was it all worth it? 2014.04.22S05.E13

'This Is Mutiny! This Is Madness!'

This is Turn! This is not interesting enough! 2014.04.20S01.E03

Put A Bird In It

After you subtract the ultra-gross (even for this show) crime scenes and gotchas, there isn't much to this ep of Hannibal. 2014.04.19S02.E08

Idol Endnotes: What's The Point

A pediatrician would call this outcome "failure to thrive." Sarah just thinks it's sad. 2014.04.17S13.E31

This Is Actually The End

Community wraps things up (or not) as only it would. 2014.04.17S05.E13


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