Breaking down each episode of our favorite formulaic shows by how closely it hews to said formula.

Four On The Floor

The contestants aim for the finals in their last week on the ranch. 2015.01.23S16.E17

Liv Is Useless, Jeremy Is Useful, And Kai Chews The Scenery Like Always

And Caroline is pretty sure Damon and Stefan don't know anything about this vampire blood thing, because she's painfully Caroline. 2015.01.23S06.E11

Replacement Olivers

With Oliver dead, everybody in town has to take up the slack. Some people put on familiar wigs, some people construct high-tech armor, and SOME people forget about putting on any sort of mask at all. Come on, Diggle. Get it together. 2015.01.22S03.E10

The Glare Of The Son

Amaro Sr. shows up, ruins everything some more on SVU. 2015.01.21S16.E12

Someone Get That Mark Of Cain Off Dean Before He Gets A Blowtorch

The only thing worse than a Dean Winchester with the Mark of Cain is a Dean Winchester feeling guilty about it. 2015.01.21S10.E10

There Will Be Mud

Daphne rises to the challenge on Switched At Birth. 2015.01.21

Will Hannah Fly In Flyoverland?

Hannah's ongoing fish-out-of-water tale finds another kind of non-water to drop her into. 2015.01.18S04.E02

Not Great, Rob

The Comeback Canyon winner is revealed, and a certain rugby player has a meltdown. Sp...oiler? 2015.01.16S16.E16

High Crimes

If this episode had a smell, it would be, not orchids, but coffee and fish. 2015.01.16S03.E10

'I Believe You've Met...Big G?'

A girl in a suitcase + a hilarious undercover gig for Fin = a decent SVU episode. 2015.01.15S16.E11

You've Got A Friend

Who needs some cheering up? The ladyfolk of Switched At Birth. 2015.01.14S04.E02

The Long Goodbye

As Hannah prepares to leave for Iowa, we get glimpses of how much better this show might be without her. 2015.01.11S04.E01

Shave And A Haircut, Six Hours

That's how long The Biggest Loser's makeover episode felt. And don't get Sarah started on the cliffhanger. 2015.01.09S16.E15

Out Of Time

Some old guy wants extra time to feel old. 2015.01.09S03.E09

Just Peachy

The squad tries to nail creepy Harry Hamlin and his execrable Suhthuhn accent for rape. 2015.01.08S16.E10

Bay Is The New Orange Is The New Black

Times are hard as Switched At Birth goes to college. 2015.01.07S04.E01

'I Want To Be Reminded'

The Missing moves to 2009, but loses momentum. 2015.01.03S01.E07

In The Days Of Auld Red Lyne

The first Biggest Loser of the new year sees one contestant dropping the ball. 2015.01.02S16.E14

Hardened Criminals

Long-buried evidence is dug up, then buried again as Sieg and Ziane's revelations only cause more confusion. 2014.12.20S01.E06

Cop Land

The force is out in force as Holmes and Watson track down a cop-killer. 2014.12.19S03.E08


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