Breaking down each episode of our favorite formulaic shows by how closely it hews to said formula.

That's For Damn Shaw

Blindspot answers one question, raises others we may not care about; whether Jane agrees to stay in the car is not one of them, because of course she doesn't, because TV. 2015.10.06S01.E03

The Blacklist Goes Blonde!

Liz and Red are still on the run, but that doesn't stop Liz from taking time for a kicky new look! 2015.10.02S03.E01

A Sign Of The Colonial Times

Is Sleepy Hollow getting back on track? 2015.10.01S03.E01

Neither Kid Is All Right

When a trans teen is attacked in a park, the aftermath tears apart two families...and gives Liv an RSI from shaking her head. 2015.09.30S17.E03

'Gentlemen: To Buntnip!'

Patterson styles a sweater, a cipher, and other Sarah D. faves in the Blindspot Show-O-Matic. 2015.09.29S01.E02

In The Teen Mom 2 Season Finale, Leah Tooks Care Of Her Own

Everyone is making life changes and subject/verb agreement errors. But Leah still wants everybody to think she went to the spa. 2015.09.25S06.E12

Cops And Roberts

The SVU premiere's got Robert Durst, Dallas Roberts, and Rollins feeling not so great, Bob! 2015.09.23S17.E01

Switched At Birth Finds Out Whether What Happens In Mexico...You Know The Rest

Bay channels Frida Kahlo and Daphne channels Helen Keller as Switched At Birth goes on spring break. 2015.09.21S04.E15

The Bruise On Jenelle's Butt Is Nathan

After yet another domestic violence incident, Jenelle is back in her lawyer's office and showing America her butt bruise. (Not at the same time.) 2015.09.18S06.E11

No One Fought The Law And No One Won

Nearly every cast member spends time in court or a lawyer's office, but only Chelsea gets what she wants (which would be Cole moving in). 2015.09.11S06.E10

The Kaiser Rolls Away

Jenelle has tons of time for driving in circles and crying on the phone, but absolutely none for her kid. The real tragedy, though, is that Nathan couldn't make it to the gym. 2015.09.04S06.E09

Will Catfish Give Brittany A Shot At Love With Marine Sniper Bryon?

Single mother Brittany has fallen for a troubled ex-Marine she met online...but has she actually fallen for a bunch of BS? 2015.09.02

Bills, Bills, Bills

The past takes its toll on Switched at Birth. 2015.09.01S04.E12

'I Get Bored, Sober'

The Int-R-Ven-Tron takes on the opiate dependency and partial nudity of Kayne and Justin in the season finale. 2015.08.31S14.E14

'It's A Pig-Day' For Everyone (Not Really)

It could be worse, you could be Leah. 2015.08.28S06.E08

Will Catfish Prove To Devan That Rylan Really Is Marriage Material?

Devan's never met his online girlfriend Rylan, but he's pretty sure she's The One anyway. Is he right, or is he just a clotted cream-for-brains? (That insult would work better if he spelled his name right.) 2015.08.27S04.E19

Down For The Count

A young boxer looks to KO her addiction on Intervention. 2015.08.24S14.E13

The Twerk Of Victory

Chelsea celebrates winning her custody battle against Adam by doing booty pops in her kitchen during the most 'dramastical' episode of the season. 2015.08.21S06.E07

Will Catfish Prove That Emily's Been Keeping It 100 With Hundra?

And where will this Machine Gun Kelly character rank in the pantheon of replacement Maxes? 2015.08.20S04.E18

Age Before Beauty

Two hardcore subjects, a gloriously successful follow-up, the intervened-upon becoming the interventionist, and a harsh twist light up the Int-R-Ven-Tron. 2015.08.17S14.E12


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