Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

Our 90 Day Fiances Face Some Inconvenient Truths

The bloom leaves the long-stemmed airport rose as our pack of affianced bozos hurtles toward their ostensible nuptials. 2016.10.17S04.E07

Let's Rank Westworld's Power Couples

Who's on top right now -- the bickering co-workers or the robot lovers? 2016.10.16S01.E03

Watch Highlights From Emily Blunt's Perfectly Fine Saturday Night Live Appearance

Maybe one too many Trump sketches, but the Girl On The Train actress is winning. 2016.10.16S42.E03

Buttering Up The Sharks On Shark Tank

A businessman nearly learns the hard way that four Sharks in the hand are worth one in the bush, as enthusiastic offers rapidly turn into bitter recriminations on the very best kind of Shark Tank. 2016.10.15S08.E04

Annalise Hits A New Rock Bottom On How To Get Away With Murder

And this time, there's nobody there to help her up. 2016.10.14S03.E04

The Designated Survivor Has More Crises To Survive

But Tom Kirkman is finally laying down some presidential smack. 2016.10.13S01.E04

Captain Lee Gets Into The Mix On Below Deck

But he takes his management margarita with extra salt this week when Kelley doesn't do windows. 2016.10.12S04.E06

Scream Queens Decides To Severely Up The Death Count

This has to stop. Someone needs to bring Hester her out-of-date beauty supplies, stat! 2016.10.12S02.E03

The Voice Battles With Stylists And Vocal Stylings

Miley's jumpsuit, Sophia's jacket, and Michael's glasses all steal the show (and were maybe purchased at the same thrift shop?). 2016.10.11S11.E09

Does This Is Us Plan To Make Us Cry Time After Time?

Or were the true colors of these characters revealed in yet another surprise twist? 2016.10.11S01.E03

When Even Lucifer Thinks Your Thirst For Vengeance Is A Bit Too Much, You've Crossed A Line

Lucifer discovers that people put some really awful things online, and while he approves of these trolls' fiery immolations, he's not so keen on anyone actually enjoying bringing the wrath. 2016.10.11S02.E03

Dancing With The Stars Commemorates A Car Crash

James Hinchcliffe recalls the time he crashed his car and flatlined, while the other celebrities evoke their own noteworthy years. 2016.10.11S23.E08

The Voice's Battles Begin

Season 11 heads into the Battles, as The Voice starts showing its age. 2016.10.11S11.E08

Timeless Attends History's All-Time Worst Night Out At The Theatre

But after a shaky start, we get something worth remembering. 2016.10.10S01.E02

It's The Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Job To Feed Him Crap And Give Him Back To You

The Lauritae make a big announcement, but first, Siggy inserts herself at length into a drama to which she's irrelevant. 2016.10.10S07.E13

90 Day Fiance Debuts The World's Most Unnecessary $45,000 Wedding Gown

Anfisa tries on a mid-priced Lexus, Father Chantel struggles to communicate, and the cats of Morocco witness a lovers' quarrel. 2016.10.10S04.E05

Watch The Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Did America's Revolutionary Sweetheart rap his way into comedy history? 2016.10.09S42.E02

That's How The Cookie Crumbles On Shark Tank

An icon of the cookie industry has to hit up the Sharks for pocket change, but the real winner this week is a husband-and-wife team who manage to get four Sharks trying to outbid each other. 2016.10.08S08.E03

On How to Get Away With Murder, Laurel Leaves These Other Fools Behind

She's in Miami, so she skips the dumb story with the ugly murderer. 2016.10.07S03.E03

Hide Your Children, It's Project Runway's Bathing Suit Challenge!

The contestants are each challenged to design a bathing suit for Heidi. Is anyone successful? No! 2016.10.06S15.E04