Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

Is Grey's Anatomy's Alex A Felonious Punk?

Alex gets hit with a felony charge, Meredith remains ride or die, and everyone else chooses sides. 2016.09.30S13.E02

Is Connor Becoming A Great Lawyer On How To Get Away With Murder?

It looks that way...and he may be a good person to boot. 2016.09.30S03.E02

Pitch Needs A Lift

Ranking the second episode from moments with heft to Ginn-spirational garbage. 2016.09.29S01.E02

The Designated Survivor Has 99 Problems And Michigan

President Kirkman struggles to hold together a country that's running scared. 2016.09.29S01.E02

Below Deck Should Go Back To Being A F***ing Hair Model

As Trevor continues to Trevor, a 12-course tasting menu pushes other Below Dicks to their breaking point. 2016.09.28S04.E04

Has Blake Overstayed The Voice's Welcome?

Blake's got a problem with Miley's voice and some middling new team members. 2016.09.28S11.E05

Should Scream Queens Really Be Renamed 'Watch Stamos Shower' At This Point?

Two men, one stall. Also, there's a killer on the loose, but it's hard to care what with the nudity? 2016.09.27S02.E02

Adam Levine Has Some Explaining To Do On The Voice

On Adam, and other questionable decisions, in the latest installment of the Blind Auditions. 2016.09.27S11.E04

Dancing With the Stars Saves Time By Having Couples Face Off In Duels

But the other time-saving measure has the judges giving scores without critiques, which are fairly meaningless. 2016.09.27S23.E04

How Sensational Is It When Rob & Chyna Hit The Club?

Ranking the stuff keeping Al Lowe up at night. 2016.09.26S01.E03

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Support A Two-Party System

And the more fights at each one, the better, as a trip to Vermont throws various fragile peaces under the bus. 2016.09.26S07.E11

What Not To Wear To Meet Your In-Laws On 90 Day Fiance

Anfisa models cleavage, Azan DOESN'T model any boundaries for Nicole, and Matt needs new friends in this week's couple rankings. 2016.09.26S04.E03

Things Get Talky, Not Showy, On A Penultimate Fear The Walking Dead

Who's well-positioned for survival heading into next week's double-sized season finale? 2016.09.26S02.E13

Masters Of Sex Starts Mounting Its Legal Defense

Hee hee, 'mounting.' The clinic's clinicians meet with the criminal lawyer who'll be handling their pandering charge, a new pair of patients may have them dealing with another legal matter soon. 2016.09.25S04.E03

Will Too Many Sharks Spoil The Shark Tank?

We've got a surfeit of Sharks, as all six are squeezed into the studio for the Season 8 premiere. Maximizing the number of Sharks will maximize the thrills and fun, right?! 2016.09.24S08.E01

Jackie Isn't Ready To Call It Quits On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

While everyone else tries to mend fences for the season finale, Jackie uses the final gathering of the season to further defame her mortal enemy. 2016.09.23S03.E11

How To Get Away With Murder Is Spreading The News…About Annalise's Trifling Behavior

Fire, death, and accusations. Sounds about right for the start of Season 3. 2016.09.23S03.E01

The Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Is Full Of Secrets, Lies, And Surgical Tape

In the aftermath of Alex's brutal beatdown of DeLuca, Jo is desperate to keep her secret, Meredith lies to everybody, and DeLuca needs surgery to save his eyesight, his career, and most importantly his pretty face. 2016.09.23S13.E01

Scream Queens's Chanels Aren't Afraid Of No Ghost(ing)

Even with a daring venue change, the show continues to bring the funny. 2016.09.21S02.E01

Below Deck Is Not Gonna Deplete Your Knowledge

Trevor still sucks, a poodle blows chunks, and we all hate it when Mom and Dad fight. 2016.09.20S04.E03