Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

It's A Perfect-Score Party In The Dancing With The Stars Semifinals

The judges love the trio dances so much, they award perfect 30s to each couple, but one duo still has to go home before next week's finals. 2016.11.15S23.E13

If You Need To Remove The Knives, There Should Not Be A Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion

Is a peaceful co-existence brokered between Tre and Jacq in the finale? And who's the least objectionable Housewife this season? 2016.11.14S07.E18

On 90 Day Fiance, Everything's...Well, You Can Read The Caption

Anfisa destroys Jorge's car/life, Nicole hires the world's most judgmental attorney, and Chantel says 'I do' to puppy love. 2016.11.14S04.E10

What Repercussions Will Follow The Climax Of This Week's Westworld?

This story has more echoes than an underground bunker for making secret robots! 2016.11.13S01.E07

Check Out The Best Of Dave Chappelle's Much-Anticipated Hosting Of Saturday Night Live

Emotions are raw, but laughs are plentiful when Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest take the stage. 2016.11.13S42.E06

Oh, Put A Sacca In It, Shark Tank

Mark Cuban and guest Shark Chris Sacca recreate our current national dialogue by shouting at each other impotently long after everything's been decided. Oh, and everyone gets a deal. 2016.11.12S08.E08

Frank's Up In Everybody's Business On How To Get Away With Murder

Seriously: if he shows up anywhere near you, just run the other way. 2016.11.11S03.E08

Below Deck Gets Bitchy

Ben literally shows his ass, Sierra figuratively shows hers, and Lauren and Nico board the Fireball express. 2016.11.10S04.E10

The Designated Survivor Wonders Who's Governing Whom

While the FBI grills the Capitol bombing's alleged architect, state leaders grill its biggest beneficiary. 2016.11.10S01.E06

Which Of Rectify's Couples Put The 'Pair' In 'Despair'?

Ranking the show's relationship prospects. 2016.11.09S04.E03

Sisters Are Definitely Not Doin' It For Themselves On The Crown

But they certainly do know how to give good face. 2016.11.09S01.E06

Dancing With The Stars Had It Coming For Showstoppers Week

And they only have themselves to blame when 16-year-old Laurie Hernandez can't quite pull off the sexy 'Cell-Block Tango.' 2016.11.08S23.E12

Vanderpump Rules Returns To Its Partygoer Roots

As Vanderpump Rules embarks upon its fifth season, we've got your SURver rankings, from worst to first. 2016.11.07S05.E01

This Unmerry Wife Of 'Windsor' Is The Least Interesting Thing About The Crown

Sarah D. Bunting ranks the E03 players from most to least Googleable. 2016.11.07S01.E03

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Middle Name Is 'Toxic'

Butt implants, apes, and conspiracy theories in Part 1 of the seventh-season reunion. 2016.11.07S07.E17

Check Out The Best Of Last Night's Saturdict Cumbernight Live

Benedict Cumberbatch's Saturday Night Live starts out great, but gets a little strange. 2016.11.06S42.E05

Shark Tank? More Like Shout Tank, Am I Right?

With six Sharks crowding the stage, no one can get a word in edgewise, least of all the people there to ask the Sharks for money. 2016.11.05S08.E07

A New Consultant Has The Doctors On Grey's Anatomy All Shook Up

Meredith gets angry, Maggie wants to please, and Richard feels threatened as a medical consultant tells them what they are all doing wrong. Tina Mitchell ranks everyone from who's coping best with the interventions of super-consultant Minnick to who's coping worst. 2016.11.04S13.E07

How To Get Away With Murder Holds An Airing Of Grievances

Annalise doesn't want her students to murder her someday, so she encourages a healthy exchange of ideas (bitch sesh). 2016.11.04S03.E07

This Is Us Makes The Most Of Career Day

And Al Lowe loves this show as much as a human heart can. 2016.11.02S01.E06