Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

Timeless Attends History's All-Time Worst Night Out At The Theatre

But after a shaky start, we get something worth remembering. 2016.10.10S01.E02

It's The Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Job To Feed Him Crap And Give Him Back To You

The Lauritae make a big announcement, but first, Siggy inserts herself at length into a drama to which she's irrelevant. 2016.10.10S07.E13

90 Day Fiance Debuts The World's Most Unnecessary $45,000 Wedding Gown

Anfisa tries on a mid-priced Lexus, Father Chantel struggles to communicate, and the cats of Morocco witness a lovers' quarrel. 2016.10.10S04.E05

Watch The Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Did America's Revolutionary Sweetheart rap his way into comedy history? 2016.10.09S42.E02

That's How The Cookie Crumbles On Shark Tank

An icon of the cookie industry has to hit up the Sharks for pocket change, but the real winner this week is a husband-and-wife team who manage to get four Sharks trying to outbid each other. 2016.10.08S08.E03

On How to Get Away With Murder, Laurel Leaves These Other Fools Behind

She's in Miami, so she skips the dumb story with the ugly murderer. 2016.10.07S03.E03

Hide Your Children, It's Project Runway's Bathing Suit Challenge!

The contestants are each challenged to design a bathing suit for Heidi. Is anyone successful? No! 2016.10.06S15.E04

Possible Wrong Decisions, By Possibly The Wrong Designated Survivor

Pressure mounts for Tom to make a move, thanks to moves made by others. 2016.10.06S01.E03

OMG! Luke Cage Got Shot!

With all bets off in S01.E08, who's next to fall in this masterclass on gun violence? 2016.10.05S01.E08

'The Freak Comes Out' On Below Deck

Love or something like it's in the air, and a new Dick's in the bottom spot. 2016.10.05S04.E05

Dancing With The Stars Features A Couple...Of Eliminations

While the two eliminations in this episode are not a huge surprise, a liiiiiiiive surprise provides a modicum of excitement. 2016.10.04S23.E07

Dancing With The Stars Flips The Script With The Acrobats From Cirque Du Soleil

The stars don't deliver much in the way of acrobatics, but many do deliver their highest scores of the season, including the first perfect score. 2016.10.04S23.E06

Luke Cage Reminds Us Why He's On Top

Power-ranking the players in S01.E05 of Luke Cage. 2016.10.04S01.E05

It's A Full House On The Voice

DJ Tanner's daughter earns herself a few chair turns, but Adam and Miley seem to have some buyer's remorse as The Voice closes out the Blinds on an otherwise low note. 2016.10.04S11.E06

Cheese Is The Cement Bonding Estranged Angels On Lucifer

The Prince of Darkness's mum learns that nothing says, 'I love you' like a few pounds of pasta gilded with fine dairy products, and she puts that know-how to use in derailing Lucifer from his deal with God. 2016.10.03S02.E02

It Only Took Four Seasons, But Someone Finally Claims To Be A Nigerian Prince On 90 Day Fiance

Narkyia and Olulowo finally appear, Alla paints the town a disappointing red, and Jorge reveals the world's most boring criminal past. 2016.10.03S04.E04

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Know This Part Of The Zoo

It's the section where the claws come out and poo gets flung, and not everyone's ready for it. 2016.10.02S07.E12

Watch The Highlights From Margot Robbie's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Will there be Trump and Hillary jokes? Oh, yes. Plenty of them. 2016.10.02S42.E01

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout A Shark-Dressed Man

Which is why they will most certainly not be crazy about the sight of the Sharks wearing garish stick-on lapels. Instead, let's save our admiration for one of the cleverest people to ever pitch a product on this show. 2016.10.01S08.E02

No One Is Safe From Janet's Wrath When The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunite

And we finally crown our Season 3 Power Rankings queen! Can Jackie pull off a repeat victory, or will Gina ascend to her rightful throne? 2016.09.30S03.E12