Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

Listening To People Is So Last Season -- And So Is Getting Money For Your Company On PR: Fashion Startup

When two out of three would-be fashion moguls can't make a deal, it's less a reflection of the deal-making climate and more a sign that good ideas and business sense don't always go together. 2016.10.28S01.E02

The Designated Survivor Designates Possible Non-Survivors

President Kirkman makes a career out of agonizing over the men he puts in harm's way. 2016.10.26S01.E05

When Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Goes Camping, How Fake Does It Get?

Ben and Lauren decide to make sure excitement's baked into their Bachelor alumni camping trip by inviting their own bear: Chad! 2016.10.26S01.E03

Welp, Looks Like Kelley's All Up To Date On Below Deck

Ben's date with Emily, that is...but KJ's not the only one SOL on this week's episode. Who's the biggest Deck poop? 2016.10.26S04.E08

When's The Best Time To Party In Black Mirror's San Junipero?

If you could spend the rest of eternity reliving one year over and over again, which one would you choose? That's probably not the takeaway message Black Mirror was aiming for with S03.E04, but dammit, it's what we're going with. 2016.10.26S03.E04

The Voice Knocks Out One Last Debut

Team Miley gains a dark horse as Blake tries to break free of the country mold. 2016.10.25S11.E13

O Brother, Where Art Thy Wings?, Lucifer Asks

This is the week we get introduced to a third heavenly sibling, Uriel, and Lucifer tries to get his big brother Amenadiel to fix his problems for him. Unfortunately, he just ends up creating more trouble for himself. 2016.10.25S02.E05

Dancing With The Stars Hops Through History

Each couple gets to represent a different era, but the rehearsals reveal that some of the participants need a history lesson. 2016.10.25S23.E10

Timeless Knows How To Have Fun. Real Fun.

Which isn't easy to do when hanging out with Nazis. 2016.10.25S01.E04

The Voice Said Knock You Out

A new round starts, but doesn't exactly sparkle. 2016.10.25S11.E12

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Strike A Tre(e) Pose

But is Team Giudice nama-stuck at the bottom of our RHONJ power rankings? 2016.10.24S07.E15

How Plausible Are The Videogame Elements in Black Mirror's 'Playtest'?

Let's rank all the mixed-reality and bio-shocking technology! 2016.10.24S03.E02

Many Rivers To Cross On 90 Day Fiance

Alla wants a midwest beach wedding, Anfisa is all about the Benjamins, and River calls in sick. 2016.10.24S04.E07

Parker's Syrup Can't Lose On Shark Tank

Or can it? But at least delicious maple spread has some greater use in the wider world, unlike some other products in this episode. 2016.10.22S08.E05

Old Ladies Get Their Due On Grey's Anatomy

A sweet old granny and young fit jogger both need a liver, and only one is available. Also, Amelia is pregnant.....maybe. 2016.10.21S13.E05

Who's Having The Worst Week On How To Get Away With Murder?

And is the top of this heap really worth aiming for? 2016.10.21S03.E05

From The Ren Faire To The Rockies (Of Major League Baseball), How Fake Is This Week's Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After??

After a bracingly real-seeming premiere, our second visit with Ben and Lauren reverts to basic-cable reality phoniness. Let's rank! 2016.10.19S01.E02

Below Deck Is In A Valentine's Daze

Proposals, PDA, and pining mark a pokey episode -- but who's the biggest Below Dick this week? 2016.10.19S04.E07

Is The Voice Over Itself?

Teams Adam, Blake, and Alicia all make cases for us not to care. 2016.10.19S11.E11