Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.

Vanderpump Rules Returns To Its Partygoer Roots

As Vanderpump Rules embarks upon its fifth season, we've got your SURver rankings, from worst to first. 2016.11.07S05.E01

This Unmerry Wife Of 'Windsor' Is The Least Interesting Thing About The Crown

Sarah D. Bunting ranks the E03 players from most to least Googleable. 2016.11.07S01.E03

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Middle Name Is 'Toxic'

Butt implants, apes, and conspiracy theories in Part 1 of the seventh-season reunion. 2016.11.07S07.E17

Check Out The Best Of Last Night's Saturdict Cumbernight Live

Benedict Cumberbatch's Saturday Night Live starts out great, but gets a little strange. 2016.11.06S42.E05

Shark Tank? More Like Shout Tank, Am I Right?

With six Sharks crowding the stage, no one can get a word in edgewise, least of all the people there to ask the Sharks for money. 2016.11.05S08.E07

A New Consultant Has The Doctors On Grey's Anatomy All Shook Up

Meredith gets angry, Maggie wants to please, and Richard feels threatened as a medical consultant tells them what they are all doing wrong. Tina Mitchell ranks everyone from who's coping best with the interventions of super-consultant Minnick to who's coping worst. 2016.11.04S13.E07

How To Get Away With Murder Holds An Airing Of Grievances

Annalise doesn't want her students to murder her someday, so she encourages a healthy exchange of ideas (bitch sesh). 2016.11.04S03.E07

This Is Us Makes The Most Of Career Day

And Al Lowe loves this show as much as a human heart can. 2016.11.02S01.E06

Below Deck Makes New (Psychic) Friends

A super-sized episode features seasickness, squabbling, Speedos, and Sarah D. Bunting's all-time favorite charter guests. 2016.11.02S04.E09

Dancing With The Stars Gets Fierce And Ferocious

Halloween brings out the best in some couples, even if that may not be enough to keep them around for another week. 2016.11.01S23.E11

The Voice Knocks Out Another Round

Guest coaches Faith and Tim barely leave their marks as the Knockout round wraps up and Carson contemplates his life. 2016.11.01S11.E14

Timeless Takes A Stand At The Alamo

But let's explore some better holiday-themed historical events for our crew to visit. 2016.11.01S01.E05

How Jane The Virgin Got Losing Jane's Virginity Right

A marriage is consummated, but not without drama. Let's list all the ways the show did right by its heroine! 2016.11.01S03.E03

Who Runs Lucifer's World? Girls

A pivotal episode in the series shows how much the Prince of Darkness relies on the women in his life to guide him and comfort him -- and what the fallout is when he ignored one and let himself be manipulated by another. 2016.10.31S02.E06

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Finale Is Shaking In Its Shoes

Siggy's attempt to bring everyone closure blows up on the lunchpad, plus the Envy fashion show zzz. 2016.10.31S07.E16

Anfisa Kicks Jorge Out For Reasons No One Can Remember On 90 Day Fiance

Jorge sleeps in the garage, Matt avoids a stripper, and Lowo decorates his love palace; Beth Spotswood ranks the couples' prospects. 2016.10.31S04.E08

How Scary Was A Pre-Halloween Elementary?

The good news is that we're not all going to die. At least probably not. 2016.10.31S05.E04

Shark Tank Says 'Potato,' I Say 'What Fresh Hell Is This?'

You never see the potato with your name on it, which is why this Shark Tank episode, featuring a service that delivers messages by potato, is so unsettling. 2016.10.29S08.E06

The Minor Characters Have More Fun On How To Get Away With Murder

The leads are too busy having sex with each other to actually do anything. 2016.10.28S03.E06