Program Parole Board

It's not on DVD, you can't stream it -- it's cruel and unusual punishment (of the viewer). Set these shows free!

Why Is Doctor Doctor Still Missing Missing?

Bring back Matt Frewer's really weird sitcom that nobody knows about. 2016.05.31

Law & Order Needs To Jump Into The TV Stream

Why isn't this look at the criminal justice system more available in digital formats? 2015.12.17

Why Has The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Gone Cold?

The 1976 TV movie is actually pretty good. Why hasn't it gotten a day pass? 2015.10.28

What's The Theory Of Relativity's Unavailability?

The post-MSCL, pre-Parenthood Katims project is a perfect weekend Hulu marathon. Why is it in TV solitary? 2015.01.08

No Reservations About The Restaurant

DiSpirito's Kitchen Nightmares is a Mark Burnett classic. Why can't we watch it anywhere? 2014.12.02

The Case For Rebooting The Sports Writers On TV

There's still a place for "Grandpae yell about sports" in today's TV landscape. 2014.06.19

Return The Inspector Lynley Mysteries To Active Duty

The one-time Masterpiece staple is just the thing for lazy vacay viewing. 2014.05.22

Project Greenlight Is At A Blinking Red

Release the show to Hulu; better yet, relaunch it for the Kickstarter age. 2014.03.28

Why Is Be Good Johnny Weir On Ice?

On the eve of the Sochi Olympics, let's apply some glasnost to the skater's charming reality show. 2014.02.05

Leggo My Lingo

Game Show Network yanked its Woolery-era Lingo reruns in favor of a new Pyramid iteration. Sarah's got a five-letter word for that. 2013.12.09

The Glass Is Half Empty When It Comes To Caroline In The City

Let us see how Caroline In The City ended its four-season run!

Please Sentence Work Of Art To Hang

…In a gallery, that is. The case for rebooting the late fine-art competition from Bravo. 2013.10.25

Let Homicide: Life On The Street Out Of The Holding Cell

It's time to parole the cult pre-Wire procedural to streaming video. 2013.10.09

Journeyman Is Freed At Last

Welcome the prematurely cancelled, finally paroled 2007 time-travel drama into your Hulu queue. 2013.08.21

God Help The Mister Who's Come Between Us And Our Sisters

Why isn't the long-running drama available to the public?! 2013.07.26

I Believe In Miracles

Someone put the spooky one-season wonder on Hulu! 2013.07.24

The Manor To Which We've Become Accustomed

To The Manor Born, the ultimate Must-Sleep TV series, deserves placement on a legitimate streaming site. 2013.07.18

Amnesty For Bands On The Run

Don't just free VH1's one-season wonder for streaming; reboot it with new musicians. 2013.07.09

Free Whatever, Martha!

Back in the day when Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt still spoke, they had a show mocking Alexis's mom. We want to watch it again. 2013.06.27

That's Edutainment!

Making a case for Histeria! to make it onto DVD and/or VOD. 2013.06.18

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