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If There's More Fargo To Come, Where Could It Go From Here?

As another season winds down, amid rumors that it may be the last, how might the stories spin off if the rumors aren't true? 2017.06.14S03.E09

Additional Points Of Interest On Doctor Who's Simulated Earth

Visiting a virtual reality opens up a whole matrix of possibilities. 2017.05.21S10.E06

For Fox's Super Bowl LI Broadcast, Expect The Unexpected

What does Fox have planned for its onslaught of football coverage this weekend? We have no earthly idea. But we're willing to guess. 2017.02.03

Could Everyone On Shark Tank Swim In Different Directions?

Kevin O'Leary wants to be Canada's next prime minister. But what will that mean for the future ambitions of the remaining Sharks on Shark Tank? 2017.01.27

It's Time To Reboot Network As A TV Show

Jordan's mad as hell, and he thinks the small screen is perfect for 'the big picture.' 2016.11.18

What Does The Original Westworld Portend for HBO's Series Adaptation?

Which elements of the 43-year-old inspiration for HBO's upcoming series are worth revisiting? 2016.09.23

After A Midsummer's Nightmare And Still Star-Crossed, Which Amped-Up Shakespeare Shows Will Be Next?

A passel of plausible predictions for the totally fresh Bard adventures coming your way! 2016.08.16

Good Grief, MORE Game Of Thrones Spinoff Ideas!

Because the Seven Kingdoms have so many more stories to tell. 2016.08.10

New Girl And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Are Crossing Over, And There's So Many Ways This Gimmick Might Actually Work

If Nick Miller finds a hilarious way to get arrested...but that's only one. Read on for more! 2016.08.09

When Game Of Thrones Ends, Which Spinoff Series Should Keep Us In Westeros?

We offer HBO some free advice on squeezing every last drop of spinoff juice from its most valuable property. 2016.08.08

With Beaches Getting Remade For Lifetime, How Will Garry Marshall's Other Movies Come to TV?

After all, networks aren't going to let Overboard just sit there. 2016.07.29

7 More Athletes Who Should Turn Their Careers Into Scripted Dramas

This week, Tara Lipinski and Arnold Schwarzenegger have sold hour drama pitches based on their early lives. We've predicted the next seven! 2016.07.20

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

As Royal Pains Pulls The Lawsons Apart Again, We Predict What Will Put Them Back Together

Boys! Don't fight! You only have like eighty-four more minutes to do it in! 2016.06.22S08.E06

Scenes From The Bachelor Spinoff Ben And Lauren: Happily Ever After: Predicted!

One of the dullest couples in Bachelor Nation gets a spinoff about their beautiful love affair. We think we know how it will go. 2016.06.22

How Will A Move To CMT Alter Season 5 Of Nashville?

Don't worry. Producers have the season allllllllll planned out. 2016.06.08

What If Andrea And Brandon Had Done Sex In The First Season Of Beverly Hills, 90210?

Back in the spring of 1991, Andrea offered Brandon 'the person on [her] horse,' but they never actually went through with it. How would their lives be different if they had? 2016.06.03S01.E22

What If Jeff Probst Quit Survivor?

With Probst performing his own tribal council ritual at home, blowing out a Coconut Bay-scented Yankee Candle while weeping, 'Jeff Probst has spoken'? Yes. Of course. But what else? 2016.05.25

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