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EHG Mini: Important TV Dogs

Pomeranians have a particularly poor showing (geddit?) as the gang nominates their best and worst television hounds. With special guest and canine liaison Gordon Lightfoot Cole. 2013.09.09

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: The Crazy Ones

A post-breakdown Robin Williams. His daughter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An ad agency. How many episodes do we think we'll get through of CBS's The Crazy Ones? 2013.09.06

EHG Mini: Important TV Punches

Kirk's overhead double-handed punch of ineffectiveness is a gimme. What other boob-tube cold-decks does the gang enjoy? 2013.09.05

EHG 3: Beeb-er Fever

Allo, Allo! Wot's All This Then?! 2013.09.03

EHG Mini: Dave's Doctor Who Visit

Which episodes did he watch? Did it take? 2013.09.03

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: Trophy Wife

Joe briefs us on one of fall's new sitcoms to see how much of a shot we intend to give it. 2013.08.30

EHG Mini: Fixing Hollywood Game Night

With the season finale about to air, we have some pointed suggestions. 2013.08.29

EHG Mini: Important TV Germans

Sehr gut, ja! Wunderbar! 2013.08.28

EHG 2: The State of AMC

What's to become of the home of Low Winter Sun once its flagships sail away? The gang discusses with special guest Dave Bunting. 2013.08.26

EHG 1: Summer TV

The gang discusses the summer TV season, The Sopranos and Game Time goes down to the wire. 2013.08.22


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