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EHG 15: Crazy Name Mom Jeans

Guest Jeff Drake joins us to discuss the Homeland and Scandal finales and more, more, more! 2013.12.16

EHG Mini: The First Name Game

Game Game bo Bame Bonana fanna fo Fame fee fy mo Mame, Game! 2013.12.16

EHG Mini: Partner Up!

Sarah, Tara and Trip compete in a quick fire game of famous TV duos! 2013.12.13

EHG Mini: The Most Electrifying Quiz in Sports Entertainment

Testing our knowledge of shows in the twilight zone between sport and game show. 2013.12.12

EHG Mini: Winner Winner

As we kick off Game Time Minis Week in honour of Game Show Week, Sarah, Tara, and Trip are listing as many reality-show winners as they can…Hot Potato-style. 2013.12.11

EHG 14: Come On Down!

Puzzle master Trip Payne joins the EHG gang for a show all about game shows (plus Taxi!) 2013.12.10

EHG Mini: TV Game Night Teams

We assemble our fantasy game night team from TV's roster of characters. 2013.12.09

EHG Mini: Here Come The Judge(s)

We suggest the judging panels that would be so compelling they would make us break our rule against watching TV singing competitions? 2013.12.06

EHG Mini: Homework Shows

Which shows did we watch for way too long because they seemed too Important to quit? 2013.12.05

EHG Mini: Closet Raiders

Which show's wardrobes would each of us most like to steal? We discuss with Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself. 2013.12.04

EHG 13: SOAPnet Goes Down The Drain

Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself joins us as we say goodbye to SOAPnet and Scott Scanlon. RIP everything. 2013.12.03

EHG Mini: American Other Stories

An Extra Credit Mini applies the AHS model to other shows, with presidential results! 2013.11.26

EHG Mini: Dim Bulbers

You know those shows you don't admit to watching, because nobody else you know watches them and they're for your maiden auntie -- but someone's watching, because they keep getting renewed for eighteen seasons? We'll be admitting to ours (and Mark's and Sarah's are the same…the shame of it!). 2013.11.25

EHG Mini: Small Universe

Today's Extra Credit Mini asks how we'd Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. our favorite movies into shows. 2013.11.22

EHG Mini: The Perfect Song

What shows have used music best to describe a moment, or let characters sing and dance? We looked back and got emotional all over again. 2013.11.21

EHG 12: The Comfort of Procedurals

We dust off The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of cop shows, jazz and crackpottery! Chung-chung! 2013.11.19

EHG Mini: Character Trade Deadline

We're strategically moving characters from one show into another! 2013.11.11

EHG Mini: Cast Replacements

The good and the bad of the ol' character switcheroo. 2013.11.08

EHG Mini: TV Episode Title Judgment Day

The one where we look at episode naming conventions. 2013.11.07

EHG Mini: Pilot Project Check-In

Where do we stand with the Pilot Project series covered in the old podcast? 2013.11.06


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