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EHG 53: Downton For The Count

John Ramos returns to discuss The Flash, vintage TV, and the battle of the Sarahs Bunting. 2015.01.05

EHG 52: 2014 In Review

Don't look back in anger, except at some shows. (Dooooooooome.) 2014.12.29

EHG Mini: Last Little Men Standing

Our MasterChef Junior correspondent weighs in on Season 2's all-boy finale. 2014.12.22

EHG Mini: Gone Fishing

Masterchef Junior does salmon. Liv does vacation. 2014.12.14

EHG Mini: Pop Goes The Restaurant

Liv and Masterchef Junior tackle the pop up eatery. 2014.12.03

EHG Mini: An Eggcellent Masterchef Junior Episode

A sunny-side up challenge mixes up the ingredients list and Liv is there to report. 2014.11.27

EHG Mini: Just Like Mum

Olivia Kwan reports on Masterchef Junior's cupcakes, pies, and Gordon Ramsay's mother. 2014.11.23

EHG 51: Nonacs-travaganza!

In our all-anti-Canon EHG, listeners nominated three eps as their shows' worst ever. We voted. The outcome may surprise you! 2014.11.17

EHG 50: The A&E Afternoon-Programming Canon

The gang nominates their favorite NewsRadio, Northern Exposure, and Law & Order eps. 2014.11.10

EHG Mini: Liv On Masterchef Junior

Join us for a season of culinary kid coverage! It's cray cray! 2014.11.09

EHG 49: The Extra Hot Great Program Parole Board Special

Let's get some good (and not-so-good) TV shows back out on the street. 2014.11.03

EHG Mini: The Face Off Finale Report

Is Liv happy with the results? 2014.11.02

EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

Listen in on the TV Cop roll call! 2014.10.27

EHG Mini: Monster Mash-Up Face Off Report

In which Liv learns what penultimate means. 2014.10.25

EHG 47: The Trip Has Spoken

The gang is joined by Survivor survivor Trip Payne to discuss all things Probst. Plus, a very unusual Game Time! 2014.10.21

EHG 46: Dead And Circuses

American Horror Story returns for a season set in a freak show. Joe Reid returns to discuss it! 2014.10.15

EHG Mini: Greek God Face Off Report

In which the dark side of Liv is revealed. 2014.10.14

EHG 45: Homeland Wants Its Spy Mommy

It's a fine, rare episode that features Mandy Patinkin and Carl Reiner; Jeff Drake helped make it happen. 2014.10.06

EHG Mini: To The Moon

Shows that would be improved in zero gravity. 2014.10.06


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