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EHG 56: Boyds On The Side

As Justified returns for its final season, we're justified in welcoming Nick Rheinwald-Jones back to talk about it. 2015.01.27

EHG Mini: Christmas Crossovers

Dave is not a crackpot; he just thinks U.S. networks should collaborate on annual crossover events. 2015.01.26

EHG Mini: Sex With Cartoons

The animated characters we'd get it on with (or "date"). Warning: gross. 2015.01.23

EHG Mini: Making It Big

Whose TV-to-movie trajectory is the most surprising -- and who's not getting enough gold? 2015.01.22

EHG Mini: Dead Celebrity Television

Which late lamented center square should get the Lifetime-biopic treatment next? 2015.01.21

EHG 55: Gleeking Out

Adam Grosswirth joined us for a discussion of Ryan Murphy's Law, Grease, gospel on The Muppet Show, and sounds of the '70s. 2015.01.19

EHG Mini: Wild Kingdom

Giving shows some animal appeal. 2015.01.19

EHG Mini: F.B.I.

We're moving series to the 50th state. 2015.01.16

EHG Mini: Big-to-Small-Screen Movie Duo Redux

Bringing movie wonder couples or pairs to the small screen. 2015.01.15

EHG Mini: Your Golden Globe +1

Making an award show longer?! Yes, we dare. 2015.01.14

EHG 54: The 72nd Oscars Jr. Awards

Who better to join us for a Golden Globes chat than our dear old friend Joe 'Smooth Joey Apollo' Reid? No one, that's who. 2015.01.13

EHG Mini: Important TV Injuries

The David T. Cole/zipline grudge match inspired this Mini from Ian on most important TV boo-boos. 2015.01.12

EHG Mini: Crossover 2015

Ron asked us to mix it up, show-wise, which is how Jeff Probst wound up with an arrow through his stupid chambray work shirt. 2015.01.09

EHG Mini: Moving The Family

We plucked a TV family from their own place in time and space and plunked them down somewhere else. 2015.01.08

EHG Mini: Dayenu

Which shows had more than one season -- but should maybe have stuck with just the one? 2015.01.07

EHG 53: Downton For The Count

John Ramos returns to discuss The Flash, vintage TV, and the battle of the Sarahs Bunting. 2015.01.05

EHG 52: 2014 In Review

Don't look back in anger, except at some shows. (Dooooooooome.) 2014.12.29

EHG Mini: Last Little Men Standing

Our MasterChef Junior correspondent weighs in on Season 2's all-boy finale. 2014.12.22

EHG Mini: Gone Fishing

Masterchef Junior does salmon. Liv does vacation. 2014.12.14

EHG Mini: Pop Goes The Restaurant

Liv and Masterchef Junior tackle the pop up eatery. 2014.12.03


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