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EHG Mini: Naked Forest Bugs Face Off Report

Liv reports on all the naked bug action. 2015.03.03

EHG Mini: Weird Questions Lightning Round

Snappy answers to stupid questions. 2015.03.02

EHG Mini: Take A Gimmick, Leave A Gimmick

Giving TV tropes a break and replacing them with new ones. 2015.02.27

EHG Mini: Game Changers

Celebrating the TV episodes that changed whole series. 2015.02.26

EHG Mini: Pushed Envelopes

Celebrating TV subversion. 2015.02.25

EHG 60: Tough Cookies

Mark Blankenship returns to the Blankenship chair to talk about Empire, Roseanne, and much more. 2015.02.24

EHG Mini: The MOTW-Files

The gang lists their favorite X-Files Monsters Of The Week. 2015.02.23

EHG Mini: Sisters

The best and worst sister acts of TV. 2015.02.20

EHG Mini: Colon Exam

Turn: Washington's Spies thinks adding a subhed will make it less boring. What other shows should hope they're right and do the same? 2015.02.19

EHG Mini: Everything Old Is New Again

What '60s and '70s shows besides The Odd Couple could use remakes? 2015.02.18

EHG 59: Here For The Right Seasonings

Jeff Drake helps us not biff the protein as we discuss Top Chef, The Bachelor, and more! 2015.02.17

EHG Mini: Ready Viewer One

Making our passive entertainments marginally more active. 2015.02.16

EHG Mini: Running A Good Campaign

Ads that added to our enjoyment of TV. 2015.02.13

EHG Mini: Future Tripping

Which shows need a Hindsight-esque visitor from the future? 2015.02.12

EHG Mini: Your TV Office

Which TV show's décor would you most like to work in? 2015.02.11

EHG 58: Riddle Of The Jinx

True crime aficionada Eve Batey joins us to talk about HBO's new docuseries, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst...and more! 2015.02.10

EHG Mini: Cartoon Twist

David Dickerson sent us back to the seventies with an Extra Credit topic about cartoon versions of live-action primetime series. 2015.02.09

EHG Mini: Gender Bender

What current TV characters would be more interesting after a gender swap? 2015.02.07

EHG Mini: Everybody Must Get Stoned

We turned Oliver Stone films into TV series. 2015.02.06

EHG Mini: Drama From Comedy

M*A*S*H up hourlong drama spinoffs from sitcoms. 2015.02.05


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