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Again With This: Look, Donna, Things Happen In A Marriage

Donna catches her straitlaced mom getting her swerve on at the Bel Age Hotel when all Donna was trying to do was meet her fave band Color Me Badd!!! 2015.12.01S02.E26

EHG 96: The Marvel-ous Jessica Jones

John Ramos and Nick Rheinwald-Jones (no relation) get punchy talking comic-book charisma, and co-pitching a Canon! 2015.11.24

EHG Mini: Last Ditch Effort

TV shows that need Hail Mary passes. 2015.11.23

Again With This: You Scream, You Die

Brenda stares death right in the barrel when a junkie tries to knock over the Peach Pit. 2015.11.23S02.E25

EHG Mini: Related People You Might Like

Exploring TV characters' family trees. 2015.11.20

EHG Mini: Just Sit Right Back

Giving descriptive theme songs to shows that really need them. 2015.11.19

Again With This: I'm Not Gonna Keep My Mouth Shut Anymore

Brandon's loyalties are divided (but not really) when the development of a new mall puts the Peach Pit in jeopardy. 2015.11.19S02.E24

EHG Mini: American Horror Story Colon

Finding new locations...for horror! 2015.11.18

EHG 95: Dressing Down With Project Runway: Junior

Stephanie Cangro joins us to talk about Lifetime's newest (and cutest) Project Runway spinoff. 2015.11.17

EHG Mini: What Fargoes Next?

Paige asked us which characters from the first two seasons of Fargo will be the jump-off for Season 3. 2015.11.16

Again With This: They're Not Engaged, Are They?

'Friend Kelly' is dubious of Brenda's flirtation with a straight male aerobics enthusiast, but across town, Dylan's reuniting with Surf Betty. 2015.11.16S02.E23

EHG Mini: Underemployed

Jason's Extra Credit asked which occupations we'd like to see more of on TV. 2015.11.13

EHG Mini: Product Misplacement

David asked us to pair products with unsuitable character pitchmen. 2015.11.12

Again With This: Mel, I Know You Know

Even though it's a teen show, this time it's the adults who face the terrifying consequences of unprotected sex. 2015.11.12S02.E22

EHG Mini: Dog Pound

We replace TV characters with dogs. 2015.11.11

EHG 94: Less Kissing, More Superpowers

That's Monty Ashley's recommendation as he joins us for superhero TV talk, a Nonac, alphabet Game Time, and more! 2015.11.10

EHG Mini: Live Reads

Making reading friendlier for TV fans. 2015.11.09

Again With This: Love Is Not A Public Health Issue

Can a student really campaign effectively for increased access to safer sex resources if she's A VIRGIN??? (Some people will not just tell you no; they will bray it into your face.) 2015.11.09S02.E21

EHG Mini: If The Shoe Fits

This EHG Mini is a slipshod affair. 2015.11.06

EHG Mini: Rorrim, Rorrim

Parallel universes beyond Star Trek. 2015.11.05


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