Picture Show

Every picture tells a story -- even a TV screen grab.

Unjustly Cocky Julia

Lady, you need to get over yourself, right now. 2013.04.08S02.E10

Bad Landing

Why talk about how Kevin Ware might not walk again, when we can congratulate CBS for not replaying Ware's awful injury? 2013.04.01

Smug Barabbas

"For real, you're freeing me instead of the King of the Jews? Uh, okay!" 2013.03.26

Boy Meets Ladyboy Meets 'Girls'

Separated at birth, hunty. 2013.03.19S05.E08

Whore Foods Market

What Harlan's whores are eating. 2013.03.13S04.E10

King Carl

Whatever, bro. 2013.03.11

The Super-Smarmy 1984 High School Ex

Oh boy. Guy. Never make that face again. 2013.02.19S01.E06

The Grudging Fellatio Recipient

"Dear 'Penthouse,' You're never noing to believe this, but I was just trying to drink my morning scotch in the shower like all good Presidents do, when...." 2013.02.15S02.E14

Horrified Billy Eichner

Will New Yorkers EVER stop letting him down?! 2013.01.28S02.E06

Meet Gayson!

It's what you get when Grayson grows a moustache and puts on a cowboy hat. 2013.01.16S04.E02

Theatrically Over-The-Top Sad Dad

Settle down, Eric Close. It's TV, not Kabuki. 2013.01.10S01.E09

The Manic Blackberry User

Take it down about 700 notches, Brody. 2012.12.03S02.E10

The Protégée's Gone Rogue

Or, at least, her pants have. 2012.11.19S02.E08

Excited Carrie Mathison

It's not a job if you're doing what you love. Our favourite CIA agent is back in the saddle and feelin' fine. 2012.09.18S02.E02


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