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Nightmare Sex Dad

Played by Jon Voight, obviously. 2013.07.22S01.E04

The Secretly High FBI Agent

Graceland's Charlie is getting through this testimony with a slight handicap. 2013.07.19S01.E05

Not Chef For Work

Sausage-making (ew) in the Mystery Box (ew) challenge on MasterChef. 2013.07.18S04.E15

Hometown Crazies

One thing's for sure: this was the most dramatic rose ceremony of this stupid season. 2013.07.16S09.E08

Now Bello Has Gone Too Far

Yes, the Graceland villain is a sadistic crime lord. But now we know he's done things worse than murder. 2013.07.12S01.E04

Madfaced In Madeira

Collecting the crazyfaces of The Bachelorette Episode 7. 2013.07.09S09.E07

Crazy Of Spain

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to Barcelona. Olé! 2013.07.02S09.E06

Head Space

Anyone with half a brain can see that Dexter’s season opener was pretty icky. 2013.07.01S08.E01

The Quippy Henchman

With a dry cool, wit like that, this Burn Notice cannon fodder could be an action hero...'s sidekick. 2013.06.28S07.E04

Bonker? I Hardly Even Know 'Er

Lifetime's Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret is a dirty little good time. 2013.06.26

Crazy In Munich

Collecting the craziest faces from The Bachelorette Episode 5. 2013.06.25S09.E05

Crazyfaces Go Down The Shore

Collecting the craziest faces of Episode 4. 2013.06.18S09.E04

Denise Richards Is: Perv Mom

Maybe the role she was born to play! 2013.06.12S01.E01

Bit Dodgy

It's a competition within a competition, and a chance for everyone to make some really crazy faces. 2013.06.11S09.E03

Savi's Boxy Sleeveless Suit, Explained

Not excused, mind you, but explained. 2013.06.11S01.E02

Creepy Grinning Will Graham

Smile, though your brain is breaking. 2013.06.07S01.E10

Don't Dance Like Nobody's Watching If You Know People Are

And other lessons you can learn from the craziest faces of Episode 2. 2013.06.04S09.E02

The Craziest Faces Of The Bachelorette

Desiree's Journey Begins: a story in twenty-something crazyfaces. 2013.05.28S09.E01


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