Picture Show

Every picture tells a story -- even a TV screen grab.

The Sub-Dome Pick-Up Artist

On Under The Dome, an observation about cigarette breath makes us wonder how else Junior Rennie negs his targets. 2013.09.10S01.E12

Snake-Handling Is Great, But There Can Be A Downside

Snake Salvation reminds us all that snake bites are real, and real gnarly. 2013.09.10S01.E02

Emo Brody

'No one understands me! I'm getting out of this stupid town!' - Brody. 2013.09.06S03.E01

The Cartel Boss's Humblest Servant

On The Bridge, while Graciela gets business taken care of in the back seat, her driver exercises utmost discretion. 2013.08.22S01.E07

Kenneth For The Defense

Drunk History transports the former NBC page into the Trial Of The Century (non-O.J. Simpson edition). 2013.08.21S01.E07

You'll Never Be Lunch In This Town Again

A MasterChef hen goes Hollywood. 2013.08.15S04.E19

Boy Band Butlers

We couldn't resist. 2013.08.14S04.E01

Girl Group Crawleys

Downton Abbey promo photo, thank you for your inspiration. 2013.08.13S04.E01

The Sad Labour Party Leader

Borgen's Bjørn Marrot is not living his best life these days. 2013.08.12S02.E03

Not Ready For Primetime Patty Hearsts

If Drunk History is going to make Kristen Wiig its Patty Hearst, we're going to imagine how Kristen Wiig's SNL characters would react to being drafted into the Symbionese Liberation Army. That's science. 2013.08.07S01.E05

After The Craziest Face

Capping off the season with one last round of crazy-ass mugs. 2013.08.06S09.E12

Rex: I Am Your Father

And other bombshells principal ballerina Christiana might just have dropped on Rex. 2013.08.06S02.E03

Li'l Gacy

If this new Childrens Hospital character isn't the most adorable little tyke made up to look like the clown alter ego of a notorious serial killer, then I don't even know what. 2013.08.02S05.E02

Bad News '70s Mom

Is there anything Connie Britton CAN'T do? 2013.07.31S01.E04

Crazy From The Heat

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to the tropical Caribbean. 2013.07.30S09.E10

The Kirsten Whisperer

Seth's look of beleaguered resignation is a model of Marriage Boot Camp consistency. 2013.07.29S01.E08

The Uncanny Scrub

VH1's TLC Biopic Is So Accurate It Must Be Evil 2013.07.26

What's Going Through Junior's Mind?

Not a bullet, unfortunately, but this author has a few theories. 2013.07.23S01.E05

The Crazies Face All

A collection of the craziest faces from The Bachelorette's 'The Men Tell All' time-waster. 2013.07.23S09.E09


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