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More Fart Faces of Hostages or The World According To Parp

Kramer wants to drink. Ellen wants Duncan's dad's help. Everyone wants to breathe through their mouths. 2013.11.05S01.E07


What might have been going through Nolan and Jack's minds on last night's Revenge. 2013.11.04S03.E06

American Horror Story: Gordon

The witchy current season of American Horror Story and a doggie costume provide the inspiration for our latest meme. 2013.10.31

Hostages Fart Faces II: The Stench Of Fear

Everyone's nervous, it's down to cannellini in the pantry...the atmosphere is turning ugly. 2013.10.29S01.E06

Business In The Front, Fangs In The Gums

This new-style Dracula has the scariest plan of all: financial saaaAAAaabotage! 2013.10.28S01.E01

Something Stinks

The Hostages cast wonders who farted. 2013.10.22S01.E05

The Totally Normal Fashion Show Audience Member

Well, what do YOU look like when you attend a fashion show? 2013.10.18S12.E13

It's A Medical Device! No, Wait, It's A Bar Tool!

When it comes to post-surgical care, sometimes even an elite outfit like S.H.I.E.L.D. has to improvise a bit. 2013.10.16S01.E04

The Supreme Court's Greatest Eyeglasses

Congratulations to the Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight wardrobe assistant who found all these vintage frames, coming soon (we assume) to the Warby Parker Nixon Administration Collection. 2013.10.16

The Pantsless Avenger

When you're confronting an adulterous parent, your wardrobe matters. 2013.10.15S02.E26

The Pretty Girl Who Hates Gym

OMG, this top-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. training is totes ruining her mani! 2013.10.09S01.E03

The President Wants A New Doctor

And Duncan Carlisle is NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Or about getting shot at. 2013.10.08S01.E03

The Hipster Whore

This Masters Of Sex bit player was giving blowjobs way before they were cool. 2013.10.07S01.E02

The Reactionist

A collection of Jake Johnson's most expressive faces from the latest New Girl. 2013.10.02S03.E03

Intense Hostage-Taker Is Intense

A master class in the "No, Seriously, I'll Do It" Stare Of Implacability, courtesy of Hostages's Dylan McDermott. 2013.10.01S01.E02

It's A Towering Inferno. OF ACTING.

The Chicago Fire premiere, as told via pictures of very significant staring. 2013.09.25S02.E01


What happens when the other Dr. L. loses a shots-off on The Mindy Project? We all get to meet Drunk James Franco. 2013.09.25S02.E02

The Mom Pilot: A Story In Screenshots

A walk through the first episode of Mom, in a series of photos that tell you why you shouldn't watch it. 2013.09.24S01.E01

Supermarket Superstar, Or Lola Glaudini?

Take our very scientific career-aptitude quiz to find out whether you're better suited to acting, or artisanal crab pies. 2013.09.20S01.E09

Tough Love & Order

Two men, one face. 2013.09.19


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