Picture Show

Every picture tells a story -- even a TV screen grab.

Grab That D'oh

Dorothy Zbornak wears herself, and us, out by visiting her atrocious fashions upon a low-rent game show. 2013.12.10S03.E16

Are The Looks Of The Latest Trophy Wife Works Of Art Or Dusty Relics?

With some Harrisons on a museum trip and others on either side of a codeine-doping situation, this week's fashions run quite the gamut. Let's review! 2013.12.04S01.E09

The Gay Early '80s Detective

Surely you didn't think we'd ignore Holt's Ricardo Tubbs look? 2013.12.04S01.E11

Fart Faces Of Hostages Field Trip

Duncan et al. go on an out-of-town caper. Believe it or not, that town is not Beantown. 2013.12.03S01.E11

S.H.I.E.L.D. & Yawn-ell

No one’s really into what’s happening on S.H.I.E.L.D. this week. Not even the cast. 2013.11.27S01.E09

Were New Girl's Thanksgiving Looks Sweet (Potatoes) Or Turkeys?

Reviewing the fashions of 'Thanksgiving III.' 2013.11.27S03.E10

The Fart Faces of Hostages Special Edition

With inspirational quotes guaranteed to make you catch your second wind. 2013.11.26S01.E10

Ichabod Crane, Time-Travelling Andy Rooney

Now that the Sleepy Hollow protagonist has weighed in on McDonald's, what will earn his curmudgeonly ire next? 2013.11.26S01.E09

Why Would David Silver's Dealer Of Like Two Weeks Trust David With His Entire Supply?

And other questions inspired by Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Scared Very Straight.' 2013.11.20S04.E20

Revenge Of Hostages Fart Faces

Ill wind, you're blowin' us no good. 2013.11.19S01.E09

The Good Wife's Bad Wardrobe

Tara loves The Good Wife, but can no longer remain silent about Alicia's work looks. 2013.11.15

The Gay '70s Detective

A glimpse at Holt's first day with a shield on Brooklyn Nine-Nine inspires our latest meme. 2013.11.13S01.E08

(Non-)Emotion Recollected In Tranquility

What wild and crazy thoughts are going through the mind of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Melinda May? 2013.11.13S01.E07

Even More Fart Faces Of Hostages

Or, "The Fart Is A Lonely Hunter" 2013.11.12S01.E08

Bill Masters's Weird Sex Faces, Collected

If this is not spectacular acting on Michael Sheen's part, then the reason Rachel McAdams dumped him seems clear. 2013.11.11S01.E07

Jack And The Giant Pants

"Borrow these, they're too big on me." -- an NHL goalie 2013.11.07S03.E15

Battle Of The Long-Nosed ABC-Primetime Foxes

Have you ever seen Patrick from Revenge and James King from Last Resort together? Buntsy rests her case. 2013.11.06

Seduction By Taye Diggs

It's New Girl guest star Taye Diggs, like you've always wanted to see him! Or actually seen him (in your filthiest dreams). 2013.11.06S03.E07


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