Picture Show

Every picture tells a story -- even a TV screen grab.

Jess And Nick Share A Bedroom, Could Share Nick's Nightgown

Let's review the looks of the latest New Girl! 2014.03.05S03.E18

Battlefield Dorothy

It's not Dorothy who's scrapping over a man in today's Fashions By Zbornak -- but those legendary shoulderpads make her the Golden Terl. 2014.02.26S04.E01

Cwome On, Gwuys

If anyone's going to get "whipped," it's the PA in charge of proofing the credits. 2014.02.17S02.E11

Plot By The Gross

A table-setter episode of True Detective is viscerally affecting. 2014.02.16S01.E05

Frank Underwood Solves Problems

A spoiler-rific look at the big season 2 premiere moment. 2014.02.14S02.E01

Ask Not What The Claymates Can Do For You

As Clay Aiken hits the congressional campaign trail, we imagine what might go on at his press conferences. 2014.02.07

Broad City Makes The Death March To A Courier Company's Warehouse Hellaciously Real

Seriously, this parcel had better not contain a Fleshlight. 2014.02.05S01.E03

Were Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Post-Super Bowl Looks Winners Or Denver Broncos?

INSIDE: what Boyle's sweet fringed jacket probably reminded you of! 2014.02.03S01.E15

Songs In The Key Of Eesh

Crazy Hearts: Nashville's hardest-trying try-hard takes the stage. 2014.01.31S01.E04

Be A Tudor Queen...Or Just Dress Like One

Sourcing the alleged 16th-century fashions of Reign. 2014.01.24S01.E09

Were The Looks Of New Girl's 'Basketsball' Slam-Dunks Or Air Balls?

That Pistons t-shirt sure makes Jess look gross, apparently! 2014.01.15S03.E12

The Douchey Supervillain

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings us the kind of bad guy only Tucker Max could love. 2014.01.15S01.E12

You're Going To Investigate In That?

Elementary's Holmes and Watson show us just how extensive a wardrobe crime-solving requires. 2014.01.10S02.E13

Cordial Freddy Krueger

On Cougar Town, exposing a small child to A Nightmare On Elm Street requires some damage control. 2014.01.07S05.E01

The Final Fart Faces Of Hostages

It's been a gas. 2014.01.07S01.E15

A Very Jack McKay's Pants Christmas

Sing in the season with these holiday favorites from the biggest pants on earth. 2013.12.22

The 12 Days Of Hostages Fart Faces

And a faaaaartridge in a pear [fweeee!]. 2013.12.17S01.E13

Fighting Supervillains, Midcentury-Style

Are these S.H.I.E.L.D. agents investigating the supernatural, or heading to a three-martini pitch meeting? 2013.12.11S01.E10

Hostages Fart Faces Is Pretty Sure That Was You, Bro

Nice try with the cheek sneak, though. 2013.12.10S01.E12


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